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    I did a clean-up on January 4th after agreeing with the homeowner on a price of $100.00. I did the clean-up, lost my shirt, left the invoice on the front door along with a contract agreement which we had also discussed.

    End of January: Mailed another invoice reminding them that they had not paid!

    Middle of February: Printed before and after pictures of lawn, reprinted invoice, composed letter letting them know that although we had not written anything up I felt like I could prove fairly easily that I had been there and done the work..............................sent it certified!

    2 days later: received signed receipt from letter

    March 7th: Got pissed and called the man of the house on his job, asked what the problem was..........he claims there was no problem, they had been soooooo busy they just havent wrote the check yet, says he has been after his wife to send it. Wanted me to continue services, I reluctantly said I would if we could iron out some payment wrinkles. He said he would always leave the check in the mailbox, that way they wouldn.t have to remember to mail it! I had my doubts.

    March 8th: The $100.00 check was to be left in the mailbox for me to pick up on the morning of the 8th. Shazzzaammm, it was there. As I picked it up from the mailbox I scanned the yard, needs doing thats for sure. He had asked me when I could get back over there! I had to go by my bank and make a deposit, since the PAY TO area was left blank I though to my self: SELF, WHY NOT TAKE IT STRAIGHT TO HIS BANK! Self answered right away and said: GOOD THANKIN! I awaited the opening of his bank with mixed emotions, I was happy to finally have been payed for work done 2 months ago but at the same time was a little apprehensive about doing anymore business with these people. As I pulled into the drive thru and turned off the deeeeeezzzzzzzzzzeeeeeelllllll HELLOOOOOOOOO, I put my long lost little check into the canister and noticed something quite strange, it almost bounced back out, hmmmmmmmmm I said to myself, that was strange! SELF answered back: DANG SURE WAS THERE HOMER! I went through the motions, had to actually ink my thumb print on the back of the check, sent it back to the girl, she sent it back to me, needed my drivers license, I sent it back to her again...............I was getting a liiiiiiitttttttttle p.o. ded by now! And finally she called back and said, Sorry Homer, there arent enough funds to cash this check, you can try back tomorrow!:mad: :confused: :rolleyes:

    I eagerly await the opening of this bank this a.m! Now that I have already inked the check and know to have my I.D. in the canister I will watch closely as I slide the check down in, I.ll be looking for that little bouncing action. If indeedy it does not clear again today I will make a trip to the local distict attorney office and see if he will want to call the man on his job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I WILL GET MY DAMMED UP MONEY ONE WAY OR DA OTHER!:D I have friends you know, I got a little EYETALIAN in me and I aint skeered to use my mafia contacts! These people make me sick, she is an assistant principle at a high school, he is a finance manager at a car think they might have a spare $100.00 laying around?

    I have been fortunate, this is only the 2nd bad check I have ever received, I aint used to this crap........

    Will update as the story unfolds!
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    I feel for you Homer,it has happened to me three times. You would think I would learn. It's just hard for me to tell the good payers from the bad payers at first. I guess you take a chance with everyone when you start new service with them. It definately leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I guess that's one of the disavantages of residentials vs commericals. My commericals are signed yearly contracts and I have never had a problem getting paid. Residentials might seem good at first but then to your suprise, they just don't pay. Like in your case,an assistant principle and a finace manager! How could you know. Don't beat yourself up over this. You are not the first or last person this will happen to. Have a good day.
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    Booooooooooooooooooooo for the bad guys.

    Homer that happen to me once and boy did it hurt. But instead of cashing the check I deposited into my account.

    So when the rubber ducky bounced. They zapped my account for the amount of the check and took an additional $25.00. Which caused my checks to bounce like a basket ball.

    It was terrible, I tell ya.

    Just pain old terrible.

    I had to get my cousin Bubba to collect from the lady.

    Oh by the way, If you guys have any bad debt collections. Bubba is real good in collecting.

    Give him a call a 555-5555. LOL
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    I feel for ya buddy. I think that all of us have been there at one time or another. I've been luckier than most at only having two checks turn to rubber over the years. If it ever happens to me again I'm gonna call the M.A.D collection agency ( that I learned about on this forum. That way even if it's a small amount I'll get the satisfaction of knowing that they'll have that on there credit report. May they all die with festering sores on their beat, burnt bodies. I'm not bitter, can't you tell?
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    thats bad news homer
    i had this gut with whom i grew up with his kids, known the man most my life, mowed his lawn,he takes me on the money, i called the lawyer and sent him a letter, still no cash, lawyer went to court, customer no show, The customer now has a lien on his house and a credit report not so good! still wish i hade the money
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    You always try to give the customer the benefit of the doubt but every once in a while someone comes around and stiffs ya real good and it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. What I started doing last year on mowing is if they want a yearly or seasonal contract they pay the first month in advance then if I don't receive payment for the next month by the 15th than I quit mowing. You still lose a couple mowings but it's not as bad as losing a whole month plus 2 weeks of the following month.
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    homer i did a landscaping job in july, they still owe me $1220, i have been to court 2 times. 1 time she didn't show and said she didn't know when it was. so we went back again, she knew the judge and now i'm going back on march 29. she loved me when i made her yard go from the worst on the street to the best. now she don't want to even talk. i didn't even charge her my usual rate i wish i would of, dam bit!h
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    Man i feel for you guys!!! Im sure sooner or later its bound to happen to all of us but its just hard to accept that people initiate the work then wont pay!!! Good luck on collections fellas.
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    Hello Everybody:

    Homer they both have Gravey Jobs, School System Employee & Manager at car lot? They probably live in a $150,000 plus home & both drive almost new Vehicles? That alone means they broke & can't pay their bills!

    Between both of them they probably could not cook a decent meal or clean the yard if their lives depended on it? LOL

    Look at their Jobs, Homer you run the numbers & tell me how many folks like me & you it takes to give these people a job. I figure about 300+ each give or take a few folks that actually work for a living.

    When do you think is the last lime they went home tired from working, probably the day they filled out their Resume? Because the day they got that job is the Day they quit working. They probably Qualify to work for Post Office now? If they get that job their you can add another 2 cents to stamps.

    Did you see 60 minutes a few years ago they had a Special about Postal Workers, at that time over 40% of the work force was out on workers comp & everyone of the folks they checked on was working another job, while on workers comp.

    City, County, State, Government & Federal Employees are going to bankrupt this country. Yes a very few of them are not over paid(most are)for what little they do, but look at those unGodly benefits they get & show me one that goes home tired from working & I show you windshield wipers on a Goats Behind! Yes a few might actually work, but it is nothing compaired to what we have to do?

    They get the benefits by the sweat of our backs working like dogs. Average of 5 employees for every real job for one or two employees? Everytime you have any kind of dealings with any of them, all you get is the run around because nobody knows whos job is what?

    I know what I'm talking about & I had people in my family that worked for more than one of those outfits I was talking about. They tell you the same thing because that's why they got the job to start with. It is impossible for one of them to loose their job. Ask them, if they do nothing they get promoted if they do something they get promoted? Salary increases all the time.

    Yeh I hear them tell me that they can't afford that because they are just a school teacher, well here where I live they make $14 an hour work about 8 months out of the year. Again all those UnGodly benefits, well with that they are at over $20 an hour & if a problem at school no matter how minor, they get on the Phone & verbaly Whoop you because you work for a living & they let you know quick that they think they are better than you. It is your fault the kids act up & they do not have time to deal with it because they got time off in a few weeks & if they get over on the working man, then they can rest easy on their break. That is all they get is time off at our Expense & they still will not even try to help us no matter what we hand them on a silver platter? It is never enough!

    20 years ago you never got calls from school, but now the working man is used as a whipping post because they do not want to do their job & they get paid for it so they should do it as far as I'm concerned?

    If I stepped on anybodies Spouces feet, well you try to explain it different because we all need a good laugh!

    I personally like the one where some of them say they put their lives on the line for us! I stand behind a cash register & we are dropping like flies way faster than any other 3 or 4 or more professions like the above put together. That shuts them up!

    All the above is true or very close to true, they know it TOO! That's a Fact Jack! Now What Was this Post about? Oh that's right, Deadbeats? If they had to work like us, they pay us at time of completion of work & give a us a bonus!
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