Deadly Mulch Kills 4 People.

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    Peta Rule.

    A simple day in the garden nearly killed grandfather Kieth Ingram.

    The 68 year old spent almost a month battling legionaires disease, a condition which caused double pneumonia, kidney failure, liver damage and septicsaemia.

    Mr Ingram devoloped the infection from the bacterium Legionella longbeache,
    which occurs naturally in soil products.

    Last year the strain of bacterium killed 4 West Australians and infected 58.

    Mr Inham said he was infected despite wearing gloves and a mask while spreading mulch, the standard advice given to gardeners to protect against the disease.

    " this disease does not have the profile that it deserves- this could happen to anyone" he said

    Not sure if it is a problem in the U.S but be careful (not sure how) this guy had safety gear.
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    US seems to be where it was first found from one article I read. Something about an American Legion meeting at a Penn. hotel. The disease seems to be mostly a water borne bacteria. I read a few articles saying this including one from Travel doctor and a few oother health sites. this was one of the better ones.
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    legionaires disease. it formed in condensation puddles from the ac and ac blew it through legion building, from what i read when younger.

    more reasons we dont get paid enough.
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    Yes it dosn't seem as common over there, l was reading 73% of potting mix here tested positive to the virus here and japan about 33%.

    People have died in Californa and Oregon to name 2 states can not get link to work.

    Its called( Legionella longbeache.) not to be confused with air condistoners.
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    Do not worry about your crocs, sharks, jelly fish and Quokkas, spreading mulch kills more people Australia wide than all those put together:cry:

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    there is nothing but trouble written all over that face isnt there*aussieflag*

    sfl flag
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    Have a good long hard look at that fuzzy,blurry face as i have a mulch job coming up tommorow and i may not live to tell the tale.....:cry:

    Give me a Croc any day. *aussieflag*


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