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    First of all I am not selling it so dont waste your time........HA HA HA

    My brother-in- law works at a place that services fire trucks. Last weekend he tried to call me from where he works because they were going with a lawn service and were selling off all their lawn maintenance equipment and thought he had a deal for me. Anyway, he couldn't get ahold of me so he bought their rider on a hunch. I haven't looked at it but said it was a 48" wide Hustler rider about two years old with only 150 hrs on it. Dont know what model though. He asked the owner of the company what he wants to sell it for and the guy said he would be happy if he got $ 400 for it. Brother in law said make it $350 and you got a deal, not knowing what they cost. The guy agreed, SOLD my new best friend said and bought it sight unseen. Still haven't seen it but he said that it looked brand new after he hosed it down. Dont know what I am going to do with another mower since I fly solo. I already have a two year old 52 " Toro Z 500 with the newTurbo Force Deck which I think is one of the best machines out there. I guess I a going to put it in the shed and use it as a back-up if mine ever breaks.

    Thought I would rub it in while I got the chance. I will post pics when I can.

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