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Deal of the Day


LawnSite Bronze Member
Raleigh, NC area
My church had an auction Sat. night and there was a Snapper Kees commercial walk behind mower (Kawasaki FB460V 12.5hp/42" or 43" cut) there and it didn't make it to the auction block. In fact I moved it from the storage building to the church on my trailer behind the Cub 73. It had 2 flat tires, so it was a bear to put on the trailer. It sat over there and didn't get sold and so yesterday after church, I was talking with the man in charge of the auction and he told me that everyone had been wanting to get rid of it since the church already pays someone to mow there, and it always seems to be in the way.

They had an asking price of $200 before the auction, and I knew it wasn't worth that in its current condition, so I said that I would give $100 for it and he accepted the offer. I took it to the farm shop and sharpened and balanced the blades and pumped up the tires (they slowly leak down), greased the spindles and wheel spindles on the front, and replaced the key switch on it. The oil looks ok for right now, but I plan to change it and the oil filter Wednesday afternoon or Thursday whenever I can get home for Fall Break from school. The air filter looked like it had just been opened out of the box.

I then took it out behind one of the barns and mowed some high grass with it for about 30 minutes and it didn't cut off or otherwise cause any problems.

I think I got lucky on this one. My folks said I couldn't keep it at home though, so its locked up in one of the barns at the farm. Guess I will have to build a shed sooner than I thought. :D