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Discussion in 'Mutton Power Equipment' started by Muttonpower, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Muttonpower

    Muttonpower Inactive
    Messages: 35

    The Fuel Injected Exmark Lazer with an ULTRACUT Deck is a Rare machine. It's hard to find the ULTRACUT DECK on a new machine. If you dont already know, the ULTRA CUT is the Best cutting deck out there and Exmark hasn't built one better yet. It's rare that you'll find a full frame machine with this deck on it. The Electronic Fuel Injection is a major money saver. We have found it to be almost twice as fuel effecient. That means you will use half of the fuel spending half of the money.

    We are ready to move these out the door at $8999 and THAT is our special of the week.:walking:

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