deal on a used toro proline 21"

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jdmcat, Feb 24, 2008.

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    the company i am currently working for has 12 of these mowers, all 2-stroke suzuki, all see regular use and get regular maintenance. also every year they go through and replace the wheels and belts and anything else that is starting to wear out, which they have already done this year. they just bought 4 brand new 4-strokes and are selling two of the old ones. i am planning on buying one but my boss hasn't decided how much he wants for them. i was thinking maybe $200 or at the most $300. how much would you guys be willing to pay for them.
  2. grassyguy

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    The two strokes have to pretty used. I bought one from a lawn company around here for 50 bucks last year. He resells his 21s every two years. I definitely would not pay more than 100 for a used two stroke.
  3. Roger

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    If he has 12 of these mowers, and is now selling out two, does that mean the machines are about 6 years old? If they have been refurbed, with rebuilt wheels, new belt, etc, then the remaining question is the 2 cycle Suzuki engine. I have one of these, it has probably about 800-1000 hours. It runs like new. So, if the engine is good, and the other parts are in good shape because of rebuilds, replacements, etc, it could still have much life left.

    How many hours per week, per month, or ??? are you planning to use it? If you were wanting to use it 600-700 hours per season, then maybe it wouldn't be a good choice. But, if you are going to use is sparingly, say 300-400 hours per season, and it is very good condition, then perhaps it would still be a bargain at $200.
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    Those suzuki engines will run for a while. Do you have any idea how old the units are? If your not sure, look at the serial #. The first 2 digits will tell you.

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