Deal or no Deal??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn RX 10, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Lawn RX 10

    Lawn RX 10 LawnSite Member
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    Hey guys...looking to buy my first walk behind and am a little nervouse on prices and getting ripped off. Does this seem like a fair price? and what should i look and ask about when buying the mower. I plan on giving the machanic at the golf course 50 bones to go with me and make sure im not getting ripped off

  2. mowerbrad

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    It appears to be a pretty good mower. Scag makes a great product and you shouldn't have any problems with it. Having the mechanic come with you actually is a pretty good idea if you trust him.

    When you go there, get the serial number off the mower and confirm with a scag dealer the age of the mower (it does appear to be only a year old though from the pictures). Also, start up the mower and run it. Make sure the engine runs smooth, make sure the blades engage properly and make sure the hydros are responsive. Check over the condition of everything (belts, blades, general upkeep of the mower). Make sure to check the oil level and air filter. Just check it over good.
  3. Lawn RX 10

    Lawn RX 10 LawnSite Member
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    Wow thanks man great tips! I was expecting ten negative comments about how dumb i was befor i got a good one like this!
  4. brodo374

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    I could not tell if that was indeed hydro. If so than it is a great deal. If not than just ok

    TREEGUARD LawnSite Senior Member
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    don't forget to check the spindels on it as well.
  6. Lawn RX 10

    Lawn RX 10 LawnSite Member
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    Hmm ok ok great info...had to go google spiindels! Ha Im guessing thats a commen fix?
  7. clean_cut

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    Looks like a fair price to me, maybe offer a little less, maybe $2,000 or $2,100 and see if he'll take it, if not offer a little more. Make sure to check everything, I bought a mower and had to spend another $75 - $1000 on a discharge chute. Mine also has mismatched blades, so make sure to check everything thoroughly. It'd would be great if you also have a mechanic that you trust and could take with you, I'm sure he will make sure you get a good deal (and he'll probably be able to find things to take the price down for too :))

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