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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by bmac, Apr 8, 2004.

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    Seems I've read somewhere on LawnSite that dealers generally make 10%-15% profit on ZTRs. Of course, I want the dealer to profit from a sale to me as I would want him to remain in business to service my equipment.

    I have had 2 quotes for a Mini Z and Super Mini Z. One dealer's price was about 9% off MSRP whereas the other was about 20% off. Thats a difference of $800-900 between these 2 dealers. Now, I'm not one to want to pay more than I have to, but should I be concerned about too much discount? BTW - these were telephone quotes. These dealers are about 45 minutes away and I haven't had the opportunity to visit their stores yet. As such, I can't comment on the quality of either dealership.

    Which brings up another question. I'm not in the lawncare business, just an average joe interested a top-quality mower. As such, I don't have the network of associates to talk to to check out how these dealers handle service after the sale. And, as I mentioned, I don't live in the same town so word of mouth advice from my friends and neighbors is of little use. So, with this lengthy preface, how can you tell a good dealership from a poor one if you don't know anyone who could recommend them (or not)? What questions can you ask the service manager or store owner that would help one make an assessment? Would the local distributor be able to recommend one dealer over another or would that be unethical of him? As I've heard many times before, a bad dealer can make a good price a costly mistake (or something to that effect).

    Sorry about the long post. Any words of wisdom out there?
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    No comments? BTW, what's the black dot on the Envelpoe Icon in the left hand column? I didn't break any from rules with my question, did I?
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    I believe the black dot is a indicator that you are a poster in the thread, I could be wrong.

    I would not be worried about to much discount, some dealers have different operating costs than other's and that may enable them to offer you a better price, this can also go the other way and you may find higher prices at other dealers.
    Call around check with other owners in your area, find the dealer that you feel is going to service you the best.


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