dealer not representing exmark too well

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by JKOOPERS, Nov 13, 2004.


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    i went to a dealer in st. louis county who i know sells exmark. i walked in looking for the lazer and a bagger . didnt see any exmarks on the showroom floor. then i ask the sales guy if they still carry them and he says yeah BUT they are all in the basement we had a john deere inspection yesterday.
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    That's not a total suprise. Many dealers carry different lines and often will pull brand X equipment out of the showroom and bring brand Y in depending upon which rep is walking through the door that day. Often this is because some manufacturers make it necessary.

    Some manufacturer sales reps get a little testy when they something besides their product on a dealers showroom. Generally that's a sign the the product isn't selling well. Most dealers will move equipment around simply to avoid a confrontation with some sales reps. Hopefully if we keep our customers best interests in mind we will never need to take such an approach to business.



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