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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KS_Grasscutter, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. KS_Grasscutter

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    Ok, who's dealer has had their open house yet? I went over to Wichita for Maximum Outdoor Equipment's open house today. Usually a really big deal every year, and this year was no different, even though it was COLD (like 20). Free food, multiple free hats (now I am gonna have to buy a Ferris mower since I have a Ferris hat :( :laugh:), and LOTS of equipment on display along with factory reps for some stuff.

    Has your dealer had their open house yet? I feel this is a REALLY good way for a dealership to set it's self apart from the rest. NONE of the dealers here have nearly as good of an open house as Maximum. It is just one indication of the GREAT customer service over there. Hence why MANY guys buy ALL their equipment over there at Maximum.

    Only downside, me being around all that equipment, I almost walked out owning a couple things I didn't need...thank god I left my checkbook in the truck:laugh: Speaking of that, anyone have Redmax handheld blower?
  2. enviouslawns

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    I know in michigan at weingartz theres is march 12-13 and have really good show prices. if you buy a ztr they give you a free back pack blower up to $500.00, and if you buy a walk behind they give you a free trimmer. thats when i usually buy all my equiptment great prices plus FREE stuff you cant beat it.

    BOSCHERT LAWN CARE LawnSite Member
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    in st louis i heard 2 are having theirs' the week after the home and garden show, and another store the following week

    st louisans' better get the $ lined up for the best deals of the year!
  4. Jason Rose

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    At least I was able to get there at 11:00 and got a free Walker mower calander! Of course I paid for it... Spent about $400 there today. Guy at the counter said every sale he had so far was over $300 in parts etc.

    I made the comment to another Hutch guy that was there that "boy you sure don't see the dealers around Hutchinson having open houses like this". They had some good deals on parts, and lots of free stuff besides the calanders. Each person in got to draw a number, there was some pretty cool stuff there that they gave away.
  5. tamadrummer

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    Choo Choo's is the 12th and 13th of March and I will be there or it! I am totally stoked for it! Their customer service is second to none and prices cannot be touched!

    For this sale everything as far as mowers, compact tractors, and all 2 cycle equipment will be 10% off and spare parts will be 25% off.

    I can't wait!
  6. Frontstreetlawns

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    dont want or need an open house at my dealer to know im treated right. my equip is always fixed before a homeowners and i get a mower to borrow as long as mine is in the shop. they just got an award for best in the nation.
  7. tallimeca

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    we tried open houses. This is what we found.

    1) We attracted all the people that were out for a free meal, free apparel, and free swag material.

    2)The majority of the people just came down to argue and heckle the factory reps

    3)We didn't sell anything more then we normally would have, so it was a huge out of pocket cost for us.

    4)The weather was too DAMN COLD!!! to be outside, and when it gets warm enough, guys are out working!

    5)My regular customers didn't want to come down and be bothered because they knew they were gonna get the best deals when they came to buy anyway and didn't want the headache of fighting the crowd for nothing.

    I might give it a shot again sometime.

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