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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ALBsun1, Sep 12, 2005.

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    A month or so ago, i went to my local dealer who i usually do business with, looking for a exmark viking 36". I was convinced that this was the machine i wanted and went in ready to buy. I was given a price of 4,400. I thought that was high, so i went to another location a little further away and eventually bought the unit for 3,900, without any haggling, that is what was offered. My question is this, is there really that much room for the dealers to offer different pricing? i always thought that the prices were set by the manufactuor. Was i getting screwed by the first dealer just to pad their pockets? I didn't think that these dealers had that much leeway on these machines. It would be nice if we could get a listing of invoice prices for equipment, just like you can get for cars now on the web. One thing is certain, i know where i will be buying next year when i am looking for a 48" or bigger.
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    The manufacture can only suggest what the selling price should be. It used to be against Federal Law for a manufacture to force a retailer to quote prices no lower than they wanted the product to end up with end user. I imagine this is still in effect.

    One time I was looking at wrist watches and the clerk rejected my offer saying XXXXX won't let us sell them for any less than the sticker price. Either she was ignorant of this law or she must have thought I rolled into town on a head of cabbage. hah

    By the way a price sticker on any item is only an invitation to negotiate.
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    Dealers pay diferent prices depending on how much they buy. A dealer buying in the lowest bracket may only be making 12-14 % margin buy selling at suggested list price.So if the other dealer was buying into a better bracket and then cutting his selling price he then would also be making his 12-14%.

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    Another possibility your dealer at 3900 may have been paying intrest on a floor plan and needed to get rid of the machine!
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    n-riI just bought a CubCadet M50S ZT commercial. "List $6000, "sale" $5300. I traded in a brand new 10hp 28" residential sblower, small 3.5hp chipper (10-15 hrs), and a 2 1/2 year old MTD Wally world cheapie yard tractor (well used!) . Got 3 years free "yearly" service, then 2 years @ 1/2 price, canopy, small repair on chain saw. Paid $3450 + tx. My wife really dragged the salesman/owner over the coals. But it is end of season :waving: I wonder if he made any money? payup That's almost $2000 off of selling price, and he's still got to sell my old eqipment. ;)
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    There ya' go! It doesn't take too much interest to make up that $500.00
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    Its nice to get a good deal. But remember when your out estimating, and a customer is trying to get everything for free, and trying to get a lower much lower price than what you quoted, how you hate that, at least i do. I try and remember that when i buy stuff, becuase i want to be happy with the deal , and i want the guy selling me the stuff to be happy. kinda put yourself in his shoes so to speak.
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    I think the price for the viking is way too high, in June this year we purchased a 2005 TT3615KAC for 4500.00. not including tax. You need to shop around a bit more. IMO

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