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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turftracerhp, Apr 25, 2010.

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    when you sell a mower such as a scag,what is involved as far as putting it together out of the crate?I know the wheels and rops and handles half to be put on and i think the deck is already on and adjusted from the factory but im not sure.just curious.anyone know?
  2. mowerknower

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    Set up depends on the brand. Gravelys are easy, just uncrate, hook up the battery, add fuel and drive it off. Exmarks need the seat mounted, wheels mounted, rops installed. Once it is set up, tire presure needs set, tracking adjusted, deck leveled and rpms set. Those things are supposed to be done at the factory but for some reason everymore needs readjusted. A couple years ago Exmark claimed they had a machine to lazer level the decks perfectly. But yesterday I set one up that the pitch was so far off. The front of the deck was almost an inch higher than the back. You also need to check the machine over good for any loose hardware, seems like there is always a nut of two that didnt get tightened. I would say on an Exmark, from the time you start uncrating until the time the mower is all ready to go and the crate is disposed of, it probably takes about an hour.
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    I think Exmarks are the easiest our come in metale crates you pop out 4 pins add gas check levals of fluids and you are done where are you guys getting your exmarks from
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    You are correct, the new ones are pretty easy. We are still selling older models (the triton deck works great here) as long as we can still get them. The older models come in wooden crates and require a lot of set up. I have set up a couple next lazers and yes they are sweet. I love the returnable metal crates. (even though is cuts down on our weekend bonfire)
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    Just oredred 61" snapper pro. Hope it is as simple as the dealer says it is. Anyone know about snappe model?
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    John Deere ships the mowers in metal crates and they come pretty much ready to go. Check the fluids, add fuel and you're good to go.

    Now, a good dealer will check the mower over and make sure the deck is leveled properly, tires have correct PSI in them, hydros are adjusted properly, etc. Even though alot of things are set at the factory, there are some machines that may differ a little from the norm so they will need to be preped before using.

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