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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by landscaper3, Mar 17, 2003.

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    We have had great luck with our local dealers, one for instant we bought our Toro's from, services the mowers we cant do in house. They even go to the extra mile to make sure you have a replacement mower while yours is being serviced! Even if you didn't buy from them. We do buy our Walker mower parts from a local Walker do to they have the part in stock and like always need it yesterday. But they are always pleasant and will give my company the professional service and sales we need. We don't run all Toro's as a matter of fact only 2 of the 5 mowers we have are from them BUT with there service and quality stands out from the rest our next mower purchase will be on these qualities.(Thanks Turf Depo!) I would like to here how your dealers qualify?:angel:
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    I have gone to my dealer which is about 45 min away from me, for the last 3 years. (A-1 Outdoor Power, for those in MN). They have a staff of about 10-15 people and most of them know me and everyone else that enters by name. I provide high quality to my customers and like to receive the same from my dealers. There is a local dealer, only 10 min drive away, but I have never found the professionalism there as I do at A-1. They have an entire barn full of machines ready to go, another building full of machines still in crates, full scale inside display of toro, exmark, ferris, echo, stihl. They do not offer mowers to use when yours is down, but I have never had a mower in the shop for more than 3 days, often times 1 day because of their parts on hand, (there have been some exceptions on down time, but only 1 or 2). Finally they keep records of all the equipment I have so I don't need to know the model number when I call in, they look it up, find the part I am describing or talking about and have it ready to pick up. Have never been more satisfied with a dealer.

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