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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stahls2, Feb 1, 2002.

  1. stahls2

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    I will be purchasing a new commercial mower in the Spring.

    I have two dealers in mind.

    They both carry similiar products that I am interested in.

    Both dealers are close in price and geographic location.

    What questions should I ask each dealer to better determine what kind of dealer support I will receive after the purchase?
  2. It's more like which dealer wants your repete business more, or you can decide that.

    Kinda like going to a car dealership.

    If there are no real factors involved and they are both playing on the same level, flip a coin.

    Look at their hourly shop charge, and part selection.

    Less shop charge, mucho parts invintory.
  3. Mark

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    stahis2 dealership is very important in our business. I was going to purchase a new exmark last week but our exmark dealer would not give me 24hr commercial service so i told him to forget it. I ended up buying a scag 52" 17 kaw form the dealer which ive used for 12yrs,he gives me 15% off all 2cycle and handheld equipment and 11% off my big equip. Also if im broke down in the field a phone call will get me the help i need he brings you parts and loaners to you. Hes a very has a verybig dealership and knows how to take care of all his commercial cutters and that to me is 80% of the sell. What ever dealer you buy from ask him alot of questions about his service agreements,don't buy from a dealer you can't have a friendly relationship with.Find one that will treat you as a business man should be treated. Marks Mowing Service
  4. Mark, that's above and beond the call of duty.

    I would not expect that kind of service from any dealer.

    I also don't expect loaners.
  5. 65hoss

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    I have my own backups and backup plans. I don't think you'll find to many dealers that will come to you. A few will and they deserve the patronage you give them. Wish I had one.

    I just want to know if I have a problem as a person that makes my living using the equipment, will they get me in ASAP. Most of the dealers I've dealt with do that. 1 did not. He's going out of biz.:D Haha. Jackazz deserves what he got. See which one you feel better with. Which one is genuine, not just a salesman telling you what you want to hear. Ask others how there service has been. Then make the decision.
  6. _GUNNER_8

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    i would go with 1 thats going to service you in timely manner.When local exmark dealer started selling them 6or 7 years ago, man we got great service no complaints but he sold dealership to son 2 years ago and he is out for quick buck.Whoever has bought latest equipment is who he going service first and same way with demo and it sucks should not be this way.Thats going come back and bite him in butt,but he does not see it that way.So ive had to go rought like 65hoss and prepare for my own backups we keep a 60 and 36 wb in shop at all times so we never lose downtime for machines, that sucks big time but we have no choice.When he took it over 2 years ago we had 60 go down and he wouldnt lend demo and it took 2 weeks to get it back we lost $10,000 in contracts and I said that would never happen again.
  7. stahls2

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    Additional Info:

    Both dealers stated I would be on the "Priority List" if the mower needed serviced over a homeowner's mower that needed repaired. However, taken in order as received from other LCO's mowers.

    Both dealers stated they would provide a loaner if available at the time. No guarantees! (Which is reasonable).

    Both seem honest and willing to answer questions, instead of just making the sale.

    Both provide a 10% loyalty discount.

    Don't know what their inventories are or what they charge for labor. I will find out though.

    Both seem professional and have professioanl facilities.

    In my opinion, both carry quality commercial products.

    I may have to flip a coin as LGF stated.

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