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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by brucec32, Jun 25, 2003.

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    I have a new Lazer HP with a 21 hp Kawasaki engine that started losing power and cutting out with 88 hours on it. I took it in to the dealer I purchased it from, a large dealer here who sells a lot of commercial equipment, but also handles other makes and sells to homeowners.

    When I dropped it off, I was told "5-7 days before we can look at it, plus whatever time it takes to get parts" after I asked when it'd be ready. I was told I would be called when it was ready. Now, after 12 days I have heard nothing from them and am about to give them a call.

    My question before I get into it with them is, what does Exmark consider a reasonable degree of service for a commercial customer who brings in a nearly new mower that is defective? I was NOT impressed with the dealer's representatives' lack of concern or sense of urgency about my new $7200 mower failing so soon. In fact, they told the homeowner ahead of me bringing in an old rusty Snapper the same thing, 5-7 days.

    Thankfully, I have decent backup mowers on hand, or this situation would have been a disaster. Does Exmark require its dealers to service the mowers they sell in a timely manner?

    I look forward to a reply. I have a feeling that I am not going to be happy when I call my dealer today. I would have expected at least a call after a week to inform me of the status.

    Exmark corporate has always provided great support and service, but if I can't get a mower fixed here locally, that doesn't do me much good.
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    I called the dealer at the number on the salesman's card and got him on the phone, not realizing I wasn't talking to the shop. He was very quick to respond and went upstairs and found out the problem and called me right back. Waiting on parts from Kawasaki.

    A minute later the shop guy called, with smart aleck annoyed tone, and grunted "waitin' on parts". Nothing else was volunteered. Obviously the salesman had told him to call me and fill me in. I then asked when I could expect the mower to be ready and got "that's a parts dept question...I don't know, a few days maybe".

    This is what I'm talking about. Great sales experience, but service from the shop and parts guys who you'd swear stepped out of the movie "Deliverance". Waiting on parts is one thing, not bothering to call the customer to let them know the situation after 12 days is another.

    Exmark has a parts delivery guarantee. Great. But if the engine parts from Kawasaki aren't available quickly too, or the employees at the dealers don't care, then it isn't worth nearly as much to a potential buyer.

    Just venting now I guess, but nobody there has said "sorry your mower let you down" or even cared enough to keep me posted. They have no idea if I have a backup mower or not, which thankfully I do.

    I did notice that they have a "no downtime program" posted on the wall where they will SELL you the right to a loaner for 2 years if they can't get your mower fixed fast. Hmmm, I wonder whose mower will get fixed first, the guy who pays the $200-$400 "protection money" or the customer who just buys a mower and wants it fixed under warranty?

    Very disappointed in my latest Exmark experience.
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    E-mail me at or call me at 800-667-5296. I'll be hit and miss most of Thursday but you can leave me a message at extension 6358 or talk to Fred or Dustin either one.

    What I need is you model and serial number as well as the name of the dealership you've taken the mower to.

    With a little luck we should be able to find a way to clear this up.



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