Dealer Servicing Your Mower??

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by mc752000, Jul 14, 2004.

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    I have a Lazer HP 52in I bought from a dealer about 35minutes away and the dealer in my home town says that he only services what he sells! Does he have the right to refuse from servicing my exmarks? He is an exmark dealer also!
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    As a general rule I would expect any Exmark dealer to service any Exmark equipment no matter which shop you purchase it from. Where it gets messy is the level of service.

    Some dealers often have service departments that are pretty well swamped and there is usually a waiting line of equipment that needs service. In these instances most dealers will take care of the customer that purchased his/her equipment at that dealership before they take care of anything else. The other thing we run into from time to time is engine warranties. If an engine failure is not a clear cut warranty failure and a great deal of effort is going to be involved to get it approved or if the dealer is at risk of the warranty getting rejected he/she would often prefer that you take the machine back to the dealer that you purchased it from.

    Let me know the name of the dealer in question and I'll see what we can do.



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