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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GravelyGuy, Nov 24, 2006.

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    I went to the local Redmax dealer yesterday with cash in hand ready to buy an 8000. I get there and I find out that there is a new owner. No big deal I talk to him for a while and tell him what I am there for. He is a Redmax dealer and the shop has been for years, but they don't have a single Redmax unit of any kind in stock. He tries talking me into a leftover Echo 755. I tell him I don't want Echo (no disrespect towards Echo). He then asks me "Why not?" in a smart ass tone. I'm starting to get annoyed because he won't check on the price of the Redmax and just keeps blabbering about how he used to have a lawn service and he used only Echo etc. He finally checks on the price, but tells me there is a $35 shipping charge. Now I have been charged for shipping before and I understand that they need to make money blah blah. What are your views on this? I know that if they order my unit they will more than likely order multiple units along with it. It's not like I'm ordering something uncommon. Hell, if I need to pay ahipping, wait for it and everything else then why not go buy it on Ebay and save $100? The delaer support isn't looking very promising anyways. Also, do most of your local dealers have demos on hand of top sellers like the 8000?

    One more thing, how much are the 8000's in your area?

    Thanks... Sorry for the rambling.

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