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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Helimon, May 28, 2003.

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    I am considering the eXmark Laser Z (ct or hp) as well as a Walker with the GHS system to cut my bermuda lawn that has some pretty bad uneven spots. I am currently sanding the yard to try and smooth it out some, but it will still have some rough spots for another year or so.

    Anyway, the landscaper that is top-dressing the yard uses a Walker mover and it looked GREAT! However, I have heard a lot of great things about the eXmark. I hope to demo both units on my lawn. SO, I am looking for a good dealer in the North Metro Atlanta Georgia area.
    Any suggestions?

    Also, my wife like to keep the yard VERY short (ie golf green almost). Can the Laser Z handel this without scalping too much? We also like to bag the clippings so I guess opinions on the UltraVac would also be appreciated.


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    All this for a home lawn? How big is your lawn?

    NO, even though they give a great cut, a Lazer Z won't handle Bermuda here in Atlanta below 2" or so except on perfectly flat lawns, and really nothing below 1.5" if that. If your lawn is rolling terrain, you'd have to mow high to get a decent look with any big deck mower, in my opinion. it won't "scalp" technically, but it will leave creases and high and low spots that will be noticeable.

    Why? Your lawn curves. The deck doesn't, it mows in a flat plane. If the curves on your lawn are more severe than the deck's width and length, something has to give. Smaller deck usually equals a better cut.

    How many ft of lawn? You'd be surprised how fast a walk behind with or without a sulky can handle a home lawn. Exmark makes great 32" and 36" belt and hydro drive walk behinds that might handle the low mowing height better and for less of an investment. They also mulch extremely well.

    I have a 48" lazer Z HP, but I use the 32" fixed deck walk behind on all but a couple of the Bermuda lawns. I mow some at 1.75" and it's nearly as good a cut as a 21" mower.

    Finally, as for the low cut look your wife likes....are you willing to mow every 4-5 days in the summer? The lower you mow, the more often you have to mow, unless you like the "shaved cat" look.

    If you really want to mow low, you'll need to get a reel mower. Double or triple the time you allot for mowing it, though.

    There's a reason golf club memberships are so expensive!

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