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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by br1dge, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. br1dge

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    I have found a dealer a one state over that will sell me a 20/52 fastrak for a substantial discount compared to closer "local" dealers. If I were to make the 2 hr drive to save the $$, would I still be able to expect local support as if I DID buy from them after the sale? Other than a 30 second conversation on $$, I have not spoken to local dealers, nor have I been to their stores.

    Thanks in advance for your help
  2. mowerconsultant

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    That is a question I can not answer, you would really need to talk to your local dealer about this.
    Is saving a few $'s and driving 2 hours worth the aggravation? and worth possibly loosing a good relationship with your local dealer?

  3. CottonPatch

    CottonPatch LawnSite Member
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    Support your local dealer. You will be glad in the long run if you need fast repairs and parts service. He is selling cheaper because he knows he will never see you again and your local dealer will have to deal with your issues.
  4. MSS

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    I Would Buy From The Cheapest Dealer, Because You Probably Will Not Need Any Service
  5. chuckricker

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    When you buy a long life piece it is a little different than a 30 pack of Coor's silver bullets. This is going to be with you. It is going to need service and repairs at some point and time. You will also have questions that you will need friendly answers to or a parts sheet faxed to you to answer another question. If you were the dealer that did not get the sale would you help the customer that bought from you first or second? How about your first service? How about discount on future parts? Operation and adjustments? I am sure all questions will be answered but would it be in the same manner? It is hard to put a dollar figure on the relationship between a seller and buyer. That 30 pack of Coors only needs to be used. That mower will be here 20? years. Sit down and talk to the dealer, tell him about your other deal. Maybe he can meet you a liitle on price. If you talk to someone who has bought a name brand mower from Lowes or any other chain I bet if they had to do again they would buy from a dealer next time.
  6. Adontech

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    Can you tell us the prices quoted at the local vs. the out of state dealer so we can know what a 'substantial discount' is?
  7. br1dge

    br1dge LawnSite Member
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    Would you agree 17% cheaper is substantial?
  8. Gautreaux's LNG

    Gautreaux's LNG LawnSite Senior Member
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    We have a local guy who bought his mower from a dealer a state over and managed to save some money plus taxes. He asked me if I would still service the mower for him. I say, sure, I have to I'm a Hustler dealer. Providing service doesn't mean prompt service.

    We service his mower when he has trouble. He is a commercial customer but doesn't go to the front of the line like other commercial customers. We don't jump through hoops to get him back on the road. Also, we keep 4 demo's on hand. When OUR customers mowers go down, they get a demo to keep cutting while the repair is performed. He doesn't get this benefit. His mower's down......... he can rent one.

    Funny thing is he's got the nerve to ask me the absolute lowest price I can give him on a EB7001 after he buys his Hustler out of state.... I said look at the price tag!

    We work hard to be an asset to our customer's businesses. We want to get them back out and keep them mowing. This takes time and money... keep a good mechanic, 4 demo's on hand and a large stock of parts and accessories.
  9. Twigs

    Twigs LawnSite Member
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    When you agreed to become a Hustler dealer, you also promised the Hustler organization that you would provide service to all Hustler owners. By selecting which Hustler owners you will provide "first rate" service" you are violating the trust placed in you by the Hustler organization. In addition, when an individual sees the Hustler sign on your place of business, he has a right to assume you will provide services to all Hustler owners equally. What would you do if a person lived in Texas, then moved to your town in Louisiana and had need of service on his equipment? Would you place him "at the end of the line" simply because he bought his equipment at another dealer? Every successful retail establishement understands that sales and service are separate priofit centers. Providing lower quality service for customers that bought equipment from another dealer is not professional. Do you think the Ford service department cares where you bought your truck? Good, professional service is deserved by all persons, no matter where the equipment was purchased. You seem to have a problem that a person CAME TO YOU FIRST when shopping and went to a dealer offering a lower price. If that dealer can make a profit at a lower price so can you. The service revenue that follows should be welcomed. It is unreasonable for you to expect people to buy at whatever price you set. People shop!! When you buy a truck don't you shop? You can't expect to make the same amount on every sale. The car dealers don't. If a potential customer walks out and takes his (for example) $400 profit whith him, your overhead stays the same!! His $400 profit may pay your light bill for the month. AND then you want to treat the person with less than professional service with the juvinile excuse that "he did't buy from me!" This is after he gave you first shot at the sale!!! I am shopping for a Hustler mower, and you can be sure I won't shop at a dealer that is a "cry baby" complaining that a customer decides to buy at a cheaper price. Your service should have nothing to do with you equipment sales. Besides, after being dishonest with the Hustler organization, should you be trusted to be honest with me?
  10. br1dge

    br1dge LawnSite Member
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    Twigs - thanks for joining the discussion, but lets keep this on a prof level. I disagree with you on just one point - I would expect a dealer to treat a million dollar customer FAR better than what Hustler defines as basic warrantable service. For example, Hustler does not promise a loaner during service, that is at the discretion of the dealer. So if I buy from "somewhere else" I am not going to necessarily expect he offer that perk. Where you and I DO agree, is that basic terms of the warranty MUST be honored fully and professionally (without any attitude of "you didnt buy it here") I would like to think that Hustler has mae it clear to their dealer support network this is the case. So mistrust, as you suggested, really doesnt come into play here, unless they refuse to service your mower at all...


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