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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by eyes&earsopen, Oct 5, 2005.

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    Would you seriously think about going with another dealer/manufacturer over this scenario? I go out to my dealer this past Sat. for a minor problem with my walk, and I also was unable to change my blades with the equip. I had. I bought my walk 3 mos. ago (so still under warranty), and after explaining my problem I'm given "... you need to look and see if blah blah blah." Then I asked "well can you see if somebody can bust this bolt for me so I can try out these blades I had bought from you all." He comes back with "it will have to stay overnight, we got other equip. on our lifts right now." I felt like 1) My mower is under warranty, I'm not going to look and see anything. Get a tech over there and he can see. 2) I know at some point somebody could've came over with a bigger tool and gotten the bolt off in maybe 5 min. A 36" does not need to go on a lift for that. I know I'm just starting out, but I did have some yards to mow that day and I would've liked some help. Plus after driving way out there I was mad about wasting gas. So I'm just thinking when I want to add that 52" I might look towards an Exmark dealer who is 15 min. away from my house.
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    As a dealer myself I most likely would have helped you out, what I would like to know is did you have the attitude that just because you bought the machine from him that he should just pull a guy off another job just to help you? He might have had some other important custermers ahead of you that had the same attitude and he was doing his best to get them back out on the job as quickly as he could and at that time he was not able to spare someone. I have one guy that is always stopping by and telling me that he will drop his machine off on such and such a day so I make sure that he is scheduled in and then he never shows up, Then 2 days later he pulls in exspecting us to get him right in which we have done a few times but in the process we have to bump someone else, So the last time he made an appointment and didnt show up until a day later I said sorry and to make another appointment with us. He blew up saying that we were no good, and he was going to tell everyone about us yada,yada,yada,never gonna buy from us again. After I explained to him that he was always making appointments with us and not being here on the day he said he would be and how we have to jerk our schedule around when he did show up he still didnt get it. ( I bought this machine from you and I exspect royal treatment ) Thats fine we try to do the best we can, but you know we hear that from everybody who comes thru our doors, just like you guys hear it from all your custermers, and Im sure you cant or dont do it all. So I dont know ,That seems pretty minor to start thinking the dealer s@#ks just because he coulndnt help you out when you wanted him to and you are gonna go someplace else, Did you call him first to say you needed a little help or did you just show up on his doorstep? How do you handle your custermers when a similer situation arrises?
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    No I didn't really have that type of attitude, and I'm not yet ready to say that they aren't a good dlrshp. I also could've called ahead and probably would not have been as disappointed about the waste of gas, as the trip might have been avoided. However I was just given like "take it or leave it" options when maybe a little more could've been offered. The person at service counter could've asked if I was interested in making an appmt. at another time to avoid the same situation on another day. He could've said that they were extremely busy - I'm sensible. He also could've maybe told me if other models like mine were having the same problems. Fortunately, while out in field a little later another solo guy that I know pulled up and helped me switch out the blades. It took all of maybe 8-10 minutes and I was back cutting. I guess the other minor problem will have to wait until another day. I can't help but think though that if I was one the big boys I wouldn't have been blown off so quickly. Or maybe if I had of been rude in return.
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    I have twice now had a blade that would not budge basically I allow my employees to change the blades and thatÂ’s the price I pay. Employees are often quite dumb and over tighten but you learn to keep going and in the case of the blades I got my hands a 3/4-inch impact gun and that made all the difference. Would never use that to put them on but when they are stuck it helps to take them off.

    Dealers are just like us they do their best to help every one but not everyone gets top priority. If one of about 10 customers of mine request a job be done now I will snap too it and push back everyone else each one of them brings in 3-10k a year. However if a 20 dollar a cut guy calls me up who often goes bi weekly in summer and fall I.E. I make perhaps 400 a year on him then he can get in line and wait his turn. I do get the royal treatment at my dealer but I also spend around 25k a year there. It also helps to get to know them and be friends with them. Strangers are less likely to screw up their schedules to help you out. You say you bought the mower 3 months ago so how well do you even know this guy and how well does he know you. Remember they are just like us and pita customers are dropped there as well so never loss your cool. The bigger you get the more you need the dealers support so build a relationship early and if you cannot find common ground then move on to another dealer.

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