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    So, I found a Hustler Z that I want, at the price I want. The only problem is that it is 200 miles away at a dealer. So, I decide that when I get home, I will visit the local Hustler dealer and see if they can get close to the same price. Now, I think to myself "If the local guy can get within $500.00 or so of the other guy, I will go ahead and buy from him, since he will be my closest dealer for service. Also, I will be using the local guy for 1 complete crew set-up, because I am growing.
    So I go to the local dealer, and he tells me that he can sell the mower for x,xxx.xx which is about $1500.00 more than the other guy. He says that he can't go any lower. So my next question is "If I bring you a hustler mower that is under warrenty will you service it." He says that he won't do any work to a mower that he did not sell. I say" Even if it is warranty work?" He said that he won't touch it.
    So I asked if Hutler knew his policy, and he said Yep! They don't mind it. Well, if I wasn't so hell bent on buying a Hustler mower, I would buy another brand just because of the way that he treated me. I can't believe that Hustler endorses his methods. I even asked him why, he said that if he can't make money off of the sell, then he doesn't care. I said what about return busines, he said it's all about the mower proffit.
    I am not upset by his prices, but more about his attitude with reguard to his service.

    Hustler, Please tell me that you don't condone his practices!
    I will continue to spread this account of my run in with this business to all who will listen. Please do not let this one busines owner ruin your good name and superior product.
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    We certainly dont condone this type of practice or attitude with the customer.
    PM me the dealer information, and I will have our regional representative look into this ASAP.


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