Dealer was pushing his Simplicity mower...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Carolina Cuts, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Carolina Cuts

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    stopped in at my local dealer.... Snapper, Husqie and now Simplicity... he was showing me his "Commercial" Simplicity.... quoted that it was "FULL Commercial" 52" cut... I believe a 21 or 23hp VanGuard Briggs.... Looked like a decent machine... wasn't any more or less beefy then the snappers and Husqies... and had that added suspension sytem. $6,000.00 cash takehome price.

    Now I'm on the Ferris site... and the IS2000 and IS1500 really don't look any different then the Simplicity. Some have said the Simplicity is a highend residential mower, while the dealer claims FULL commercial unit.

    Anyone have any experience with either of these mowers, especially the Simplicity?
  2. rite-way

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    I have simplicity zero 50 deck 20 briggs mower has 700hr has peformed well would go to a bigger unit if mowing full time com,but Sim. is good quality

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