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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AAXteriors, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. AAXteriors

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    what is your dealers policy on demoing equipment? I'm not going to mention any names but my local dealer only lets you demo mowers etc. in the parking lot. To me it seems you need a little more real life experience with a machine like a ZTR before committing $9,000 to it. Am i the only person who has a dealer like this?
  2. procut

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    Nope, one of the dealers here won't even let you drive them. You can sit on it on the showroom floor, but that is it. I have mentioned it several times that they should do demos, but they refuse.

    Another dealer that I have delt with will bring a machine to your jobsite, and stand there and watch you use it.

    I have always thought, that dealers should have a dedicated demo machine each year. They could charge like $40 to demo it for a day. (to discourage joyrides and people just looking for a free machine for a day) and then, if you decide to buy the $40 would get credited back.
  3. Runner

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    Most dealers around us (the serious commercial dealers) will set up a demo and bring a machine out. many of times, if you contact a factory rep., they can arrange for one as well. Now, if you have bought from the dealer before, they are even more willing to let you take a machine for a day. I can see in this day and age how they would be a bit more hesitant of it, though. There are 50 tire kickers to every half serious shopper out there. If they catered to every Tom, Dick, and Mary that was "going in to the lawn business", then they would be wearing out demos all season.
  4. BobcatBoy06

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    Our dealer here which we have bought many pieces of equipment from will let us demo anything we want for 10hrs or so with no questions asked. I mean you want to demo a bobcat go for it, you want to try that new z come on down, no questions asked. If one of our mowers goes down and they fix it, they will give us a new one to use until ours is fixed. We will never do business with any other dealers in the area.
  5. AAXteriors

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    I agree that if they let everyone take the demo no questions asked the machine wouldn't last very long.
  6. DJL50

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    When I was looking a few would let you drive one around but not mow with it. The dealer would have to be very large to recoup the cost of demos. Once a ZTR cuts a blade of grass it is used and no one wants it at full price. I work in retail And anyone who does knows NEVER BUY THE DISPLAY. People will take parts, turn knobs etc. If you do the math a dealer would have to sell a lot of ZTR's just to recoup the loss on the demo.
    I don't blame the dealers. I do so much research before buying something I would have test mowed with 10 or so different brands but of course just buy one.
  7. abuckeye

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    I have a great relationship with my dealer apparently. They will let me demo anything I am interested in. They just took on Wright Standers and I asked when I can demo one. He told me put it on the trailer and see what you think.
  8. ed2hess

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    Dealer not going to let a unit off the parking lot in our area. You can arrange a demo on most units but it will take awhile and the engine size/width isn't always like you may want. Too much equipment being torn up according to sales reps from factory. Plenty of people to talk to in our area about how units are doing.....every solo guy now has at least two ztr machines on their trailers and most of them look new. And the rest of us ifull time guys ncluding the big companies like Brinkman, TG, all have junkers.
  9. grandview (2006)

    grandview (2006) LawnSite Gold Member
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    Same thing around a dealer charged 10.00 for the day for insurance and you took it for the day.
  10. pjslawncare/landscap

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    U have to be kidding! We get approched several times each season while out mowing by reps that stop and ask us to try out their stuff on the spot. Ive tried a Scag turf tiger on some of my slopes and their trailer full of Echo equipment. Now we just got a new Lesco dealer that has been bugging us to death. I got a little erped at him late last year because he stopped two of my workers and was letting them demo stuff when we were tring to hurry and finish for the day. Maybe dealers around here have more competition or something so they push harder, I dont know.

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