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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MMLawn, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. MMLawn

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    Guys, I believe in supporting my local dealer and always try too. However this is certainly something to thing about as cost of parts certainly effect all our bottom line and I guess my comment is when do you look at the cost vs. the dealer?

    I took one of our pieces of equipment in this morning for repair. While there I also bought some parts to service one of my other mowers. While I was waiting I saw a display of a product that we all use a lot of so I ask the price. Well I was stunned because even with the 15% discount I get I had seen that exact same name brand product I at Home Depot with no discount for exactly $10 cheaper. So when I left out of really wondering now I stopped at a NAPA store and took in one of the oil filters I had just bought and paid $13 for and had them cross ref it and bam, $6. I then went across the street to Advance Auto and found a Wix for $3.50. Now we are looking at nearly $20 saving's in two smaller but must have items. On top of that 2 weeks ago I bought a part from the dealer and later saw an even better brand same part elsewhere at about $15 cheaper. I know it is a stupid question but at what point do you consider price shopping instead of loyality?
  2. broken leg

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    My dealer knows that I buy some things at other places. But he does not sell things that they sell at home depot. I always shop around for filters and plugs. Blades not any more got burnt on low quality blades not any more factor blades only for me.
  3. MMLawn

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    The small but needed item that we use a lot of I saw at the dealer and at home depot was a top quality name brand trimmer line that nearly all dealers carry.

    WESLEY BROWN LawnSite Member
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    Volume Boys! You can not get as good a deal on 1 mowers as you can 10 so look at Home Depot with 300 stores and your local dealer is only 1. Some dealers are rip offs and some are the best. My question to you is that if you loose your local who will service you? Certainly not Home Depot. Your dealer is the same as you and me. Local guys that are trying to make a living.:cool:
  5. MMLawn

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    That's my issue exactly. I'm trying hard to support them but at 40% higher prices than you KNOW you can get elsewhere it's hard and makes no financial sense at some point.
  6. beransfixitinc

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    My advice, as working for a dealer, is , buy your parts where you want em, if you are doing the work yourself, I personally don't give a flying **** where or what kind of parts you buy. If non original genuine replacement parts are what you want to use, then buy them. If you want parts that are made by the manufacturer to work 100% with their products, then buy original equipment.

    And yes, show me which HomeDepot or any other big box store cares about your stuff running right after they have your money or credit card or check in their drawer.

    If you buy a Murray and take it back to Wal-Mart, it doesn't get fixed there, it goes to an authorized dealer. Wal-Mart pays the dealer, then charges you, the end customer a slightly higher cost for their part in it.

    As of lately, I've heard Home Depot has started charging something like $35 up front when something comes in under warranty, just for their part of taking it somewhere "transportation costs" are not covered under a warranty.
  7. Likestomow

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    Buying maintenance parts from a dealer will cost you dearly and give you great personal satisfaction, but not much more. Learn to buy from after-market sources and you will have greater value. Don't be afraid to buy through mail-order either.

    I am concerned with my bottom line, not making sure I "support" my local dealers.
  8. broken leg

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    My local dealer makes his money selling mowers and other equepment not oil filters and trimer line. But I use stihl line on my trimers and they do not sell it in home depot. I have used other line and it fuses in the spool when hot. I paid 29 dollars for the last 3lbs I bough but I get my koler filters for 3.98 after market. My dealer sells me my blades for my Toro Z at about 2 to 3 dollars off list. I have tried after market blades and they will not hold up I sharpen every two days and with factory blades all I have to do is just hit them a little to put back on the edge after market blades take longer. I am not saying buy every thing from the dealer bearing belts and blades I want the best. Buy an after market belt for the hydro drive on your Z and see how you fell out on the job when it breaks. My dealer has bent over backwards to help me at times on freebees and such and gone out of his way to help me at times you be the judge.
  9. Littleriver1

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    It just doesn't make sence to pay $17.50 for a kawasaki oil filter when I can get it for $4.99. Some things must come from a dealer but, why should I send my dealer to the Bahama when I need it more that he does. If his high prices drive him out of business, so be it. Why should his high prices drive me out. If I need a new PTO I'll get it for $125.00 not $370.00.
  10. beransfixitinc

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    YOU AREN'T GETTING A KAWASAKI OIL FILTER FOR $4.99! YOU ARE GETTING AN OIL FILTER MADE BY A COMPANY TO FIT ON YOUR KAWASAKI. What do you people think the "M" in MSRP means? Money? It means "Manufacturer". An individual dealer doesn't set the stinking price, the name brand of engine that you bought sets the pricing. Why don't you all go out and start looking for an aftermarket engine to fit your aftermarket oil filters and air filters and see what you come up with?

    It just chaps my hide to see all of you griping that your dealer charges too much, it's like you people think a dealer can sell you parts at a nickle over his cost and still manage to be in business.

    You people get all upset when a "scrub" steals a lawn from you by bidding it much lower than what you believe you can afford and still make a living. Think of a "scrub" lawncare person as an aftermarket air filter, or oil filter. They may not have the fancy trucks with their names all over it, or the shiny pretty machines, but they get the job done, so why should a homeowner pay you $50 or more to cut their grass just because you have a truck with your name on it? When a little guy without a name on his truck can cut it for $20 and make just enough to get himself by?

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