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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutbetterthanyou, Apr 4, 2010.

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    What do you do when all the dealers around you suck? The one that i bought from last summer has always treated me good in the past. Here is my story, last year i bought a new hustler. I told my dealer "look i am down sizing from 2 old exmarks two the new hustler. I am not going to play the price game with you , i am going to pay you the asking price 10,200 plus tax. In return i want good service, meaning instant service or a loaner mower" Well i buy the mower back it off the trailer and it cuts off, call them they want me to bring it back in to see what is wrong. I couldn't get it on the trailer so they had to come get it. It was old gas from sitting on the lot. They got it fix i had to go pick it up (I don't feel like i should have to do, but i did, considering they are a 1/2 hr away and it was there fault) Half the summer goes by and it is smoking every morning when i start it , they had been blaming it in the fuel additive ,they put in it. Finally i said it has been 3 months and it is loosing antifreeze, it isn't the fuel crap it is blown up. This fall it went in they pulled it apart and sure enough it was they.Took them 3 months to put a new engine on it. I got it under warranty but the antifreeze, oil, and filter i got billed for which is BS because it was a problem from new. I never said a word. I took it home in the snow storm, i couldn't get it inside so i left it buy the door. When the snow melted i wanted to clean it up, but it wouldn't start. I called them 7 times over 3 weeks before they picked it up. Then 7 more times over 3 weeks before i got it back. I go to use it friday and the belt to the hydro pumps break after 10 mins of use. I called him at 9:47 i wanted a part number to the belt so i can get it at the local napa instead of going all the way over there. He tells me he will call me right back . I waited for a half hour,I called he was busy, 10 more he was busy, 10 more he was busy, then i told the boy on the phone i needed him to call me now i am loosing money because i have two guys with me and don't know what to do. I end up finding some numbers and got them from a dealer that has some parts but don't work on them. My dealer has yet to call me back. Now i spent all this money on a mower to have a warranty just to have a dealer that won't do jack. What do i do? The next closest dealer that i hear of that is worth a crap is over a hour away. I really don't want to change,because a hour each way i can loose some serious time on breack downs.Plus he most likely won't give good service because i didn't buy it from him. I just want the service i was promised. I even thought about trading it in on a different brand, but would loose my a$$ because i paid to much for it and it isn't even a year old.
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    That sucks. My dealers is 10min from me. Treats me well.

    Best trade that junk in fast and take the hit now before you really lose out. I looked on Scags dealer locator but couldn't find anything for "intheboonies" Md. :D Locate the nearest Scag dealer and see if they can work you a deal. Chances are, it will be a new in the crate mower as they seem to sell fast.

    Oh yeah, gotta have the right mower if you're going to "cut better then me". :D
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    Wait till you spend close to 100 grand on equipment to one dealer and can't get the piece of garbage dealer to call you back. Last two machines I purchased from him wasn't't even prepped right. He is 15 minutes away and I will drive 2 hours if I have to to buy string or premix. He won't see another dime, but I will promise lots of word of mouth advertising for him, might even put add space on the trailer for him. I now shop for best price because dealer support sucks here.
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    Yeah, that sucks bud, I'd be pretty jacked also. I'm lucky, I have a small dealer that treats me well. I don't have anything against large dealers, but I know my dealer will do everything he can to make my job easier.
  5. cutbetterthanyou

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    I actually just got off there websit, and hustlers, and exmarks. The nearest scag one is about hour fifteen from me. I actually started with scag the reason for moving on to somthing else was the cut sucked, but that was the advantage deck. I read that the new ones are alot better. My other thing is they are built like tanks, but they ride like tanks too. I don't think my back can handle a scag.
  6. ajslands

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    Now how mowng problems did you have with exmark?

    None, that's alot less then this hustler! :laughing: it dosent even take 3 months to take an engine off a car!
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  7. ALC-GregH

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    You're in Md. Scags cut great in northern grass. The V Plus deck does a great job IMHO. Did you have a suspension seat? Then make a huge difference. Keeping the tire pressure a few pounds lower will help too.
  8. GlynnC

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    Buy from HD and Lowes(just pulling Richard Martin's chain)!!!!!:laugh::laugh:
  9. cutbetterthanyou

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    I actually had alot of problems with the exmarks that was why i got rid of them, but they were old. I didn't get a new exmark because they look like trash compared to the old ones, and the old ones were Ok, but not great. It would not matter etheir way the guy i deal with sells exmark ,hustler,scag and husky.The problem is him not the mower.
  10. ALC-GregH

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    You don't take an engine "off" a car, you take it out. But yeah, that takes a day maybe to swap an engine in a car. A mower shouldn't take but a few minutes.

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