Dealers that wont budge on price!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by superrman77, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. lawnscraper

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    i know the authorized exmark dealers get $75 and hour to work on warranted machines in my neck of the woods. so they should have no problems working on a machine you bought somewhere else.
  2. whosedog

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    In addition to switching dealers you should report to Great Dane the dealer who refuses to do warranty work on a brand that he sells.He would be reimbursed by the manufacturer for work that he did;so whats his beef?You might get him in some kind of trouble by reporting him.I was told by a dealer that sales mark up is only allowed to be 17%,it used to be 25% on some products.Most of their income comes from repairs not sales;so he doesn't care where you bought it(he'll even fix craftsman),but if he sold it to you he will repair yours before one that was bought elsewhere.Most repairs happen after the warranty is expired anyway,by that time he'll probably forget you didn't buy from him,rip the other dealers sticker off before you bring it in.

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    As a dealer if a guy found a mower for 3,000 less then what I had it for, first off id check as to why MY prices were so high. We dont make $3,000 proffit on any new machine. So either the other dealer was giving it away below cost, or your dealers markup was outrageous.

    But I would be as profesonal as possible and say that I just cant match that deal and if he wants to buy it he is more then welcome to get his service work done here. All in all its still one more of your brand out in the field that is doing advertising for the dealership.
  4. Roger

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    Ditto. We could fill a large container with all the posts on LS about pricing, and complaints about those charging less. What is the most common request: Never change your prices.
  5. rwaters

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    I assure you that it is not illegal to refuse to do warranty on a machine you did not sell. And as for Great Dane I only know of one dealer that can do that can drop the price that much over a dealer and that is most of why a lot of dealers had to drop great dane in the area around it. I will do warranty work on just about anything I can as long as the company will pay a decent labor rate) But I do put the customers that buy here first, and I do not carry lines that allow distributors to have a chain of stores like great dane did. I have never ran across a line that I made $3000 on so something was up with that sale and I can see why a dealer might not be able to price match, we can not sell equipment lower then we buy it for and stay open.

    You want to make a living dont expect they guy that takes care of your equipment not to. If you want great service buy your equipment and a good service centre. I think as time goes on your see more dealers having to cut out warranty on units they did not sell. Heck in my area alone 3 dealerships have closed lastly, and I expect 2 more soon due to retiring owners. That will put me the only only dealership in the county, and will really hard to keep enough mechanics to do the work.... we will put our customers first, we owe that to them.
  6. rwaters

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    You only get $75 if you charge every customer 75 an hour, also most company's use a flat rate schedule that only great techs can come close to. The main difference in a equipment dealer and a LCO is his insurance is higher, and his investment is higher. I am sure your equipment dealer in most cases is not out to rip you off. In fact I have a feeling he is more pre sympathetic then you realise to your problems.
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    I always shop around for the lowest price, of course I do all of my own maintenance and repairs.
  8. DirtRider

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    I just drove 2 hours each way a couple weeks ago to save nearly $2000 on my Toro WB. Local dealer wouldn't move on the price and is the only dealer close by. So I hit the road. I have a back up mower and if my local dealer wants to keep my mower a couple days extra when working on it, whatever. I'll save the 2 large, thank you very much.
  9. mowerknower

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    Go ahead and buy the mower where ever you want but do not complain if the other dealer does not take care of you. If it wasnt bought at his shop then he does not owe you anything. He is not required to perform warranty or any other service on a product that he didnt sell. What if you bought from Home Depot? Are they required to perform repairs? Absolutly not, so the dealer does not need to either. That being said, most dealers will take care of you. But do not expect them to drop everything for you and put your needs in front of customers that bought from him. I had a customter that bought a mower 300 miles away to save $500 and the he whined when I took 3 days to get his warranty repair done. Needless to say, he can now take it 500 miles to get warranty work done.
  10. mowerknower

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