Dealers that wont budge on price!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by superrman77, Feb 21, 2010.

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    For me it has to do with being a nice person and doing the right thing. I personally think it's dishonest/rude to treat people like that. You can't blame someone for going somewhere else to save a little money. People shop around for their own reasons, but most of the time it's just about saving as much money as they can. I'm not a dealer obviously but if I were I can't imagine turning someone away or treating them like crap just because they didn't buy from me. That would be counterproductive to my business' success. I believe if you're honest and do the best you can for someone, the customer will be back because they know they can trust you. Heck, you never know...even with higher prices (if charging more for the right reasons), maybe over time you'll win that customer because they like your service so much. So...I don't understand the whole penalizing thing for not buying at the same place you get your service. Again, this is all based on the idea that someone is charging more just because they can...not because they have to. I do realize some dealers may not be able to sell for less due to their business conditions, etc.
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    As a dealer we appreciate all of our loyal customers and the new ones we get every year from other dealerships.
    I'm located in Florida and there are far more dealerships per county than up North so our pricing is always kept in check because of competition. I can guarantee that there is never a 2k difference in pricing on the same make, model, year, and location of machine you are pricing.
    In my store my customers are treated as good as we economically can, so as far as warranty for others may go, we treat them with the same respect as they treat us but they must understand that we do not owe them anything but good service. Warranty is for the consumer to be taken care of and not the dealer to make a living on. In 2009 I have had to make more phone calls than before to dispute the amount I was paid on claims then waiting anywhere from 45-60 days for my payment. Tightening of factory budgets.
    In conclusion I believe the majority of dealers are not out to get anyone but trying to keep up with the changing market and economy.:confused:
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    In todays economy their are companys you lose money doing warranty for. Personally I do take care of warranty issues on units I did not sell as most of the time it evens out as they buy something else from you. Also you have to wait for your money from manufactures and the fact that your warranty if void from some equipment if you buy it online Redmax, I think Stihl, and I am sure a few others(the warranty agreement says the dealer showed you how to start it, if you did not do that it is void, in fact my rep informed me this was to stop dealers from selling online) we could get left holding the bag. you guys that buy online would get pissed if we charged you for the parts and labor then refunded the money so for some dealers that have been caught in that they might be better off refuseing the warranty. I have been lucky but I do know of dealers that have lost out on major warrantys on units they did not sell, and I have fought one for over a year to get paid.

    And for anyone that thinks that if the dealer is breaking any kind of law or agreement with a manufacture your nuts, I have been in the business for years and never have I signed an agreement that says I have to do warranty on a unit I did not sell. We do this as a service for the customer, and I do put my customers first in line... This is business and I would expect you do the same.

    Most dealers will fix your machine if they get paid for the warranty work. but then again most of the companys that pay for warranty work dont set up dealers that dont provide service(internet dealers) your best bet is to ask a dealer of the line your looking at to see how warranty pays and make sure he will fix it before you buy elsewhere. The dealers posting here are on your side we are just trying to provide you with the best information we can so you do not get stuck with a bad purchase.
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    The dealer agreements that I have signed state that the dealer is REQUIRED to perform warranty work on the product line. It doenst clearly state weather its purchased from you or not but it is a piece of equipment from the product line the dealer carries. Dealers that refuse to perform warranty work if you dint buy it from them are jealous and have bad buisness practices. The dealer thinks by tellling the customer they wont perform warranty work if it was not purchased from them are scaring the customer into buying from them. Those dealers are actually pushing those customers away and they wont return!
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    I agree with you that it is bad practice to refuse to do warranty but I suggest you reread any dealer agreements you have signed becouse I assure you that not all of them do say that. I will do warranty on anything brought in here but I do read what I sign I have a lot of agreements that say I do not have to do warranty on some lines I have. In fact some of them spell that out.

    Now and exception is a expert dealer on kohler has to do warranty on all kohlers, a master dealer on briggs has to do all briggs and so on.

    But if you take that advice to a dealer you will find some that will not be pleasent with you and their is nothing that can be done about it in a lot of cases.

    I am not trying to be rude just trying to give the best advice I can to a guy not even looking at my shop.
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    hey dealers are not the enemy, we are just trying to put food on the table like you are. In most cases we are not rich either. Warranty is a sticky subject as a lot of dealers have been stuck on warrantys that have been denyed after they were filed. The dealer gives out the equipment then has to pay for the parts and the labor out of his own pocket.

    Those are the dealers that will deny warranty repairs if you buy the mower elsewhere. I have been around this industry for a long time and I have talked to a lot of dealers that have been stuck with warrantys.

    But also remember most warrantys are not with the mower manufature, a hustler dealer can work on an engine problem, a scag dealer can work on a exmark hydrolic unit. if they are under the parts warranty.

    And check with the dealers before you buy online the more cranky the dealer is or more he pushes you to another line the worse the line is about warrantys for the most part. the lines that dont pay have bad habits of it and piss off dealers. Also if a line changes dealers often, that is a bad sign.
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    what a waste of time trying to save a few bucks. After spending hours on the computer trying to find out if your getting a good deal, then driving hours to get the machine, and hours back, lord knows how many hours you just wasted.

    put those hours into productive time, and you just cost yourself money. yeah, yeah, I know your saying that you do this "research" after hours, but still, its such a waste of time.

    every other thread on here is people complaining about scabs, and lowballers destroying their business. Congratulations, now thats you!
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    My dealer sells a lot of commercial and a lot of homeowner equip. He will not budge on Z's. At least not on a lot of one Z only. I don't know about the homeowner stuff, probably not.

    I never heard of anyone budging on Exmark around here. Some travel a good ways to get a break on Scag. I don't know if they are figuring mileage, wear and tear on the truck, and their time into it.
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    Driving a couple of hours to save 2 grand on a mower is a no brainer. You just saved your business 2 thousand off of a brand new mower. More money in your pocket. How is this a waste of time even in the dead of winter when you are not mowing. So I guess if you want the deal you are a scab. I'm sorry but I like my money that I make.

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