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Dealers Wanted


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Rochester, IL
There have been some recent posts about what to do during the off season to make money. Becoming a Amsoil dealer may just very well be a excellent fit for LCO's. You can use it for your own equipment, set up your local dealerships that make $$$$ off of you. This will be a excellent chance to make $$$ back off of them. Retail Accounts pay good cash commissions. Sell off the internet if you want. Offer it to your existing clients. Sell them some Mother's wax for their BMW sitting in the drive after you just cut their lawn. Set up local farmers as commercial accounts, sign a vehicle service center as a retailer, etc. There are many opportunities to sell Amsoil products. As already being in a business that can use and see the benefits of a high quality synthetic oil, LCO's have first hand product knowledge.

There are no minimums or quotas to meet to remain a dealer. The cost is only $30/yr. and there is no inventory requirements. This is a legit business and has all the legal & tax burdens of any other business, however it really is not that bad of a gig. You will not get rich instantly and your income will vary from month to month. Income depends on how much effort you put into it and what kind of accounts you sign. Since I have become a sponsor here, I have put a tremendous amount of hours here promoting and selling. Very recently the commercial accounts have been pouring in from you guys here on LS.

The opportunity is there as synthetic oils I believe will be the only oils we have in coming years. Why not get on board while there is still space available on the ship!!!!

Please email at hoyt@syntheticlubeperformance.com or PM me if you are at all interested. Send me your name, address and email and I will glady get you more dealership information.
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