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    This is a good practice. If the dealer knows the equipment and knows it's coming in, he can speculate/forecast potential customers. I used to do the same thing, in the motorcycle business. Many times, I'd have an ATV sold before it ever came in. I could do that, because I knew the machine and its owner.

    You are 100% correct.

    I'm appalled by how some of the LCOs care for their equipment. There's no way a dealer would even take a chance on their stuff. Conversely, my dealer tells me "anytime you want to trade, let me know". It's not because I'm not happy with my stuff and shopping, it's because he can always flip nice, used equipment. He's a small dealer and nice, used stuff is likely gone in a week, because he keeps in mind prospective customers.
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    Same here, they'll consign but thats it.
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    My local Kubota dealer now sells BadBoy mowers. I wanted to trade my 2002 Kubota ZD21 in at a wholesale price. They wouldn't take it on trade but sure didn't mind charging me over $1300 for a gearbox thirty days before that. They lost a customer. Another BadBoy dealer within 45 minutes of my home gave me thousands trade in on my Kubota. They are a small shop and BadBoy is there signature brand. I was so happy with the BadBoy and the way they treated me, I went back two months later and bought a brand new BadBoy Stander from them too.
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    Good for you! Guaranteed the "local" dealer knows he screwed up, now, with your highly visible hauler. I'm sure he's seen you around.
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    I was a nervous wreck about it....ended up working out good for both of
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    Man, around here, there are a bunch of dealers that take trade-ins. One is having a huge auction on many of them in two weeks at one of their locations. Some of the machines are beat hard, others are not too bad for commercial equipment.

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