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Way over priced. But it does not hurt to bargain with if they have something you like. Price is everything. if it is new and has waranty pay the price. If it is used then bargan till it is free.


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I paid 400 bucks for an old Exmark 48" walkbehind, buying it from a dealer. This thing had been welded on, and beat. It's a good machine for the money, and I could easily sell it for what I paid for it.
The deals are out there, ya gotta look for them.


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I bought a used mower from a dealer 4 years ago I paid $2000 all that I could afford at the time. The thing about buying from a dealer was that it came with a 30 day warranty. I did use it and had them replace one of the hydro pumps that wasn't working very good when I got it. $400 part at no cost to me, plus no labor cost.

Buying from a good dealer can be a good experience in my opinion. You just need to look for a good dealer. By the way they still offer to give me $1500 for a trade in on a new mower. Not a bad price to only loss $500 for 4 years of use. I always try to do as much of my business as I can with them. A good dealer is worth a million.

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