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    Got quick question for exmark,
    What has happen to dealership here in Cookeville, Tn?I stop by other day to get a clutch for my 60 inch, sign on door said CLOSED,I knew things were bad but.... so now i got to drive 50 miles just to get part.
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    Lawns Unlimited

    Thanks for the heads up! I'm not really sure what happend there yet but I did make a couple of calls. I'm not sure if they have a replacement dealer lined up or not. Send me a pm to if there's a dealer in your area that you feel would do a good job of representing Exmark and servicing what they sell.


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    Terry, same situation here. I now have to drive an hour to get a part. In a metropolitan area of 1 million people I would hope Exmark could find another dealer soon. Out of curiosity, do any dealers sell Exmark and Toro?
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    We're adding dealers all the time. One thing we've been able to do more often than not is put the right dealer in place. Often this takes a little more time but ultimately it's worth the wait.

    There are dealers that sell Exmark and Toro but generally we dominate with the commercial customers and they dominate with the consumer sales. Each of use has a strong following but with different customer bases.



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