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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by hunter48820, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. hunter48820

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    Hi All,
    I just joined this group as I am in the process of buying a new ZT mower and a tractor.

    I now have a Ford NAA and want to replace it with a Kabota in the 40HP range. I will use it on my 9 acres for farm and related jobs.

    My question relates to dealing with the dealer. I am not familiar with how deals are made when it comes to this type of equipment. Do dealers usually just deal the list price or are they usually willing to discount the unit? Just wondering what to expect when I start dealing with him.

    Would you recommend going to a few other dealers in the general area to shop the best price (if they do that)? If they do discount, do you have any idea what a fair price would be for a $35K (list) tractor?

    Andy Keeney
    Dewitt, MI
  2. White Gardens

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    Too many varibles on that one. You'll find a wide range of prices and offers.

    Hours on the machine are the biggest factor and if it's a gas or diesel tractor. (Most likely you'll see nothing but diesels.) Farm related equipment has been retaining it's value extremely well the last few years. My father has a medium size JD front wheel assist tractor that is close to 30 years old and he can still get the same price out of it now as what he paid for it in the 90's.

    The only real advice I can give you is find units that appear to have been sitting for a little time. See what they have for a price and play hardball to drive down the price. If it's been sitting and they want to unload it, they might take a lower offer.

    That or see if you can get any attachments thrown in such as a post hole digger or something you could utilize on your property.

  3. hunter48820

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    I'm sorry, I should have stated that I will be buying a new Kubota, not used. I do see that used tractors appear to hold their value very well.

    I also noticed that on the Kubota website where they list the base price of the machine, the following info is stated.

    "Taxes, shipping & handling, surcharges, assembly charges, destination, freight and/or delivery charges are not included."

    Does that mean that I have to pay the dealer to assemble the machine? Any idea how much more $$s is added for all the above on say, a $35K. By the time I add a 6% sales tax, it looks like the tractor is going to be quite a bit more than the original $35K price.

    Thanks, Andy
  4. icex

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    Ohh the number games. If it's already assembled they shouldent charge you to assemble it. Most of them come pre-assembled anyway.
  5. JCLawn and more

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    ok, I would suggest going kubota on both of them. Dealers don't make a ton on new equipment. Here is what I would suggest. I get a price from one dealer on paper and take it to another dealer and see what they will do. They may give you a price cut if you buy 2 machines from them.
  6. Ecoscapes

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    I was looking at a new Kubota recently; went to my local dealer, tried negotiating; could they through in an implement?- no; they were firm on the price; I said ok could you add the $400 radio? no, but he'd take off $100 on the radio. Honestly they would have had a deal if he threw in the radio. I was insulted, I had bought my first tractor there years ago and given them business, would have kept giving them business, but to not negotiate at all on such a big purchase just seem low to me! Any way I went out of state to PA found a dealer down there very willing to work with me and the price was a few thousand less, so you gotta shop around!
  7. hunter48820

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    Thanks for your thoughts and glad that you found a good deal. I contacted the dealer in the town just south of us and chit chatted with him to get a feel for how dealers worked.

    He ended up lining me up with a 2010 model that had been sitting on their lot with more than I had hoped for with what appeared to me to be a good price. We are going back this week to sit down and make a deal. The tractor is a L5240 with the cab and heavy duty bucket. I'll let you know how it goes!! Best, Andy

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