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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BINKY1902, May 30, 2011.

  1. BINKY1902

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    Here lately I have streets on my route in which I have almost every property on the street. The thing is, here lately the customers get out talking amongst themselves about what I charge each of them for their lawn service. I think all of my customers on one street know what I'm charging for the next property. Some are actually coming out and mentioning to me that they know what I'm charging the neighbor. Some know what I'm charging everyone on the I've gotten a couple of grumblings that I have favorites that I charge less for. I try to explain that every property is different and requires a different amount of work, but you all know how people are. Anybody else dealing with this when you get alot of customers in one area?
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    When I have a few right beside one another I try to price them at the same price unless there is some really big difference in properties. I figure if one takes a little longer than another one im making up for it not having to load and unload again and it keeps everyone happy if they talk they are all at the same price. Numbers in volume.
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    The worst is when a potential customer comes to you saying: "My neighbor says you charge $35 to mow lawns," assuming that every lawn I mow is $35 dollars. Their lawn is twice the size and full of beds that haven't been properly edged in years, but they want the neighbors price.

    And hell, people I know in my area get better prices - there's nothing wrong with giving long time customers, freinds, and those beloved easy-to-please customers a little better price. The customers who are willing to trust your judgement and let you make their lawn look the best it can are the easiest to work for and often take less time to mow weekly.

    I just hate when cusomters don't realize that they have a pretty low price for whatever reason and tell the neighbors how good of a job we do and how much we do it for. I've been steadily increasing my prices this year, and just explain that we have a limited number of accounts we can handle - your neighbor has a better price because she hired us two years ago payup
  4. Ijustwantausername

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    Ahh, I feel your pain. I had a new customer refer me to another new customer and right off the bat the newer one said "well you charge Leonard this much, is my yard bigger or something?"

    No its not bigger, just after doing the other guys I realized I underbid on his! :hammerhead:
  5. Zak's Pro. Lawn Care

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    i have 25 in a neighborhood of 50 houses...i get what your saying lol
  6. topsites

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    Nobody ever questions my prices mostly because I tell them right during the estimate phase what their neighbor is paying,
    I am upfront with them and would never charge one more or less than the other without good reason, all of this I am very
    transparent and open about and I base their price on a comparison basis right when I give them my initial price we settle it
    right then and there, we discuss this until I am confident that my customer feels comfortable, nobody gets treated unfairly
    in my business and they know it.

    That can be a problem, I usually will tell a customer that I underbid, usually in the same sentence I will tell them that I will
    finish out the season at that price but that it should have been higher.
    Some will offer an increase, others will not.
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  7. bmac1996acc

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    I usually keep them about the same on the same street because most of the lawns take about the same amount of time. I charge extra for some things like a corner lot or a fence that has to be edged inside and out. If asks it's pretty easy to break down to them how I came up with the price.

    "My neighbors yards only $40. Why do you charge me $50?"

    lawn - $40
    corner lot (explain larger and more sidewalk/curb to edge) - $5
    Privacy fence with no bedding (explain neighbor doesn't have this and have to trim the fence inside and out)- $5

  8. SLR

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    Why don't you guys just tell these money scavengers:
    "Hey,tell you what, you start your timer stopwatches when i start until i finish,and then we'll have money discussions on just what the issues of time concerns are exactly"
  9. Ijustwantausername

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    Yeah I know, but in my area it won't do a bit of good. They'll call the next guy to do it for half of what I charge. I'll wait till next season.
  10. weeze

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    i don't cut more than one yard on any street so i don't have this problem lol....well i did cut two across from each other and i cut one for $150 and the other for $100...they are different sized is 3 acres and one is about 2....they understood why it was different...and i let them know what i was charging for the other house and they had no complaints.

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