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Dealing with creek water


LawnSite Senior Member
Calgary, Alberta
I'm getting ready to put in a system out on a rural acreage where the irrigation system is pulled from a pressure tank filled from a pump in a decent sized creek.

The water isn't filtered anywhere along the line, so I'm wondering whether or not to put a filter in or will the pressure system filter out any incidental grit?


LawnSite Member
Raleigh, NC
Check the pump in the creek to see if it has a self cleaning basket in the foot valve. If not you might be able to add it to the existing pump if it is not too old. Algae and the scum from the bottom can cause the pump to fail due to cativaton (the rapid formation and collapse of vapor pockets in a flowing liquid). It is better to add it there than a filter in-line. My opinion.


LawnSite Fanatic
Visalia, CA
When I worked at Collier State Park, OR back in the early eighties we drew the irrigation water from Spring Creek with nothing more than a screen to filter the end of the intake line. However, this creek is fast flowing, very clear and very cold all year long. We only had to clean the screen three times a year; at startup, mid-season and end of season. Very little debris. Your creek may vary. :)