Dealing with drougt here in Ga

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by zima, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. zima

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    have you guys seen the article in turf magazine how dry lake allatoona is ,thats why we have watering restrictions,some customers are holding up in landscape installs,and irrigation it's going to be hard to deal whit,have a friend that have a irrigation company and he is thinking doing lawn maintenance also,i was helping him 2 days a week but now i have to pick up 20 more lawn maintenance customers there is not going to be no many repairs to do .what do you guys here in the area think about it,are you taken by weekly accts.
  2. dgfitz

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    Just east of you in Augusta, we have been fortunate, plenty of rain
  3. Tadams

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    The last that I heard was that Lake Allatoona is at it's normal winter level right now. I haven't heard if they have stopped pumping water to Florida for the mussels that are supposedly dieing down there. They can shrivel and and burn for all I care. The water in GA needs to stay in GA! Luckily we have gotten plenty of water in the last couple of weeks. I have already started cutting a few of the weedy properties that have lots of henbit and onions growing like wildfire.
  4. nlminc

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    Pikes Family Nursery is being auctioned off today after 50 years in business. I wonder how many other nurseries will find themselves in a bind. I have no idea how the irrigation guys are surviving. Even with the let up on water restrictions, it's watering by hose and not irrigation unless it's a new install and that is for a limited time.
  5. zima

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    all we have to do is hope to have a better year,looks like we got in with the right foot it's been raining good this month of feb,i have been doing spring clean ups,mulch and pinestraw install and my mowing season start march 1 i start going by weekly getting the propetys in shape and trying to get more accts. trying to get 20 got 4 weeklys so far whith out advertizing just word of mouth so have 16 more to go i;m very optimistic to get them.

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