Dealing With PITA Customers?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by brianhanson37, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. brianhanson37

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    I cut a yard yesterday, (I offer weekly, bi-weekly, and one time cuts [very expensive]) after I was done cutting his lawn he throws out "Can I switch to bi-weekly now?" how would you deal with this? He did sign a weekly contract but I have them sign a contract every month seeing weather is so unpredictable around here. Should I still show up every week? Or just raise my bi-weekly price for him?

  2. lotec25

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    tell him your price goes up if you move to bi-weekly cuts. Explain why it goes up and let him decide on what he wants. if he wants bi-weekly a new contract and move on.
  3. Lawn-Sharks

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    That's good advise.
  4. brianhanson37

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    Thats what I was wondering, weekly is 4 times per month, bi-weekly is two, this guy was done in week 2 but most of my bi-weekly's are 1st and 3rd week so should I go back next week and say thats bi-weekly or go the 4th week?
  5. lotec25

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    huh? if someone came to me today and said hey lawn man can you start mowing my grass bi-weekly. To me that means in 2 weeks come cut my yard from the day he signs. If the customer says lets start on the 1st i would let them know that you are then going to have to charge more also because the grass is going to be excessively high.
  6. ed2hess

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    In Texas we have a little over 4.3 weeks per month on average. You go every other week.
  7. brianhanson37

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    But the thing was that he already signed a contract for weekly, thinking that he can get the weekly rate at bi-MONTHLY service.

    Crap, I just realized I have bi-weekly on all my contracts when I mean bi-monthly, good thing I don't have any yet. Gotta go change that for the future now though. Oops.
  8. lotec25

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    in the end, it is your company do what you want. it is correct he does have a weekly contract now. you could make him keep it and tell him when the month is over, you can do up a new contract. Or you can keep him happy and give him what he wants but you still have a price increase. Let him know what you have the increase for, wear on equipment more work because of clippings etc. As i have seen on here on every post i have read. It's your company you have to do what you want. Your the boss

    I guess depending on the person I would just void the old contract sign a new one. Let them know about the increase. If he does not like the increase sorry sir i hope you understand the higher grass adds a lot of harder work on my equipment and also causes me to use more gas etc.

    also bi-weekly works the same as bi-monthly if you use it as a none. all in the wording
  9. topsites

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    Don't you mow lawns based on how tall the grass actually is?
    You mean to tell me if the grass hardly grew you still cut it?

    What if your truck's mechanic told you tomorrow that from here on out you need to bring your truck in every two weeks for an oil change, regardless of how many miles you actually drove? Oh and here, sign this contract, how would you like that?

    No wonder some customers turn into nutcases, now
    I also understand why they can contempt us so.
  10. Dean of Green

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    3:28 A.M. and this is one of your most coherent posts. I think we might be on to something here.

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