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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kirkny1018, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. kirkny1018

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    is anyone working with realty companys? whats the best way to get there account ?and any problems working with them ?
  2. garciajj612

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    I work with two realtors. Both of them are well known realtors that have really good reputation and they have a lot of word of mouth costumers. I have only seen them in neighborhoods with homes that are 350k and up. One of them LOVES landscaping, he spends $12-15k in his home a year adding and redoing.he sends me from 1-5 clients a month. He knows that the the landscaping make a house look nicer or uglier than it is so he tells them for example last week she sent me one that she told them"let's add more plants in the front, some annual beds, and in the back lets add 5 10' green giants so people don't feel like they being watched by all their neighbors" that house sits lower. I have had very good experience with the ones I have now.
  3. TX Easymoney

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    When you get a good realtor it could be beneficial.....

    My experince is that realtors want to call me last minute and have me rush over to do a cheap cleanup.

    Or the ol' go over to that house and give me some ideas or tell me what you experience is that they want something for nothing
  4. mx315

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    I have several friends that are realtors and do the occasional jobs for them. But I have one guy that manages about 400 rental properties and I do jobs for him every week. He calls with odd jobs all the time, most are one time clean ups or cuts. I have turned a few commercial jobs (mostly bank owned) into regular monthly accounts for them this year. I've had good luck with realtors, but I knew all of them before. There are alot of shady ones out there that want everything done for free
  5. Set Apart Lawn Care

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    My experience with realtors has always been bad. They always try to get me to work for cheap by promising they will refer tons of business to me and they never come through. When they have referred something its always a bad deal, something really overgrown that i shouldnt take my mowers on anyway, or things that are to far away. Personally when someone tell me there a realtor I know they are about to promise tons of business and want the absolute lowest price.
  6. zackvbra

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    me and my employees get subbed realty company mow jobs from one of my good friends, who is a general contractor, all the time during the spring/summer. last year, we had 14 monthly yards subbed to us. it was nice because i didnt have to deal with the hassle dealing directly with the company and i didnt have to deal with walking up to each door and deal with clients. and i could jumpstart the day and start mowing at 7am without having to worry about waking clients up.
  7. pineymountain

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    I worked with a realtor this year (my first year) and though she gave me some early jobs that got me out ahead I had a hard time getting paid for the weekly cutting of owners that were living in their new house. I dropped working with her.
  8. B-2 Lawncare

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    We haven't had a good experience with realtors, for many of the same reasons that have already been stated on here. The one thing that I would add is that we don't cut them any breaks on price any more. And we get paid before we start any job.

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