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dealing with the rain in northeast


LawnSite Member
How is everyone doing.....it hasnt really stopped raining here in MA for 4 days but for an hour or so, here and there!


LawnSite Gold Member
Nashua, NH
was packin up to go and then came more rain, having school isn't helping me with my lawns either. But the only thing i can do is wait for it to stop! Good Luck to the other Northeasterners!!


LawnSite Gold Member
Central Jersey
I was mowing up until the lights went out last night. Was up at 6:30 this morning and left around 7am, I was back home by 8am. I'm trying to squeeze three more commercials b4 thursday when the residentials will be due...


LawnSite Bronze Member
glad to see it!! I was going to have a hard time mulching leaves into dormant or dead grass unless the drought broke. now it lools good for the season end $$$$ no early frost and we'll just call the drought a break in the action