Dealing With The USDOT — Best Truck, Trailer, & Plow Combination For Me?

How Should I Deal With USDOT Regulations For Servicing Lawn Care Clients Across The State Line?

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D3 - small Cat dozer, 580 - Case Backhoe. Both are too much for a 1/2 ton pickup to be pulling.

One other thing.... Again, check your state reg, but you should be exempt from log books as long as you stay within a XX radius (as the crow flies) area. My guys kept logs the first few years then I've had separate DOT guys along with getting it in writing, that we are exempt from logs/timesheets due to our travel radius.

Honestly, if you're going to do it, do it right. It pays to be legal and you need to plan to pass the costs of doing business along to your clients.

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