Dealing with Time Milking Employees

Discussion in 'Employment' started by cutman2000, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. cutman2000

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    I'm having trouble with employees:
    #1. that are moving very slowly with the backpack blower. Sometimes they just stand there blowing a single leaf.
    #2. that are leaving uncut grass in different locations(I think they're doing this because they know i'll see it and have them to go back and get), gaining more time on the clock.
    #3. that are talking while getting out of the truck at each stop(literally standing by the truck for 10 mins talking about personal things). I'm for bonding, but my success is based by the less time I spend at each stop.
    #4. And one particular employee is 48 years old. He breaks about every 10-20 mins. He's probably getting 1.5-3 hours of unofficial break time daily.

    Any advise is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. OakNut

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    Listen, pal. I'm going on 51 and I'll take as long as I want to relax between jobs!
    Of course, I'm the boss and the only employee too, so I do what I want. :p

    In the off season though, I work for someone else doing snow removal/shoveling/salting and I just keep working all day - because someone else is paying me to work. The 30 year old guy I was riding with as a helper told me I work harder than most of the other guys there. He was shocked to learn my age.

    Not sure what to tell you since I've never had employees, but it sounds like you need a babysitter.
    Do the job and talk in the truck on the way to the next job!
  3. snomaha

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    Are you the crews direct report or do they have a supervisor working with them?
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    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    They have to make up for not being paid riding in the truck.
  5. dieselss

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    Beat me to it

    Funny how the OP keeps on going with this same subject of waiting time......
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  6. dieselss

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    Ya, let them have cell phones in the truck.....:nod:
  7. OZcut

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    The question that needs to be asked is:
    Who's running this business the employees or the owner ?
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  8. dieselss

    dieselss LawnSite Silver Member
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    The owner is trying to get every minute out of the employees. I own you when you punch in type thing.
  9. AL's

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    Can you just fire them? And move on to the next batch?

    I did my first bit of hiring earlier this year. Got plenty of warnings from other members about the headache. They wernt lieing. Went back to solo. Might try again next year idk.

    Also... If 2 guys get out of the truck and stand there for 15 minutes chit chatting why havnt you walked right up to them and asked them what they're doing and if they plan on working that day? That's just unacceptable to be standing outside a customer's house for 15 mins chit chatting.
  10. Mitty87

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    Have you actually had any real talks with your guys about slacking? I don't know what anyone can tell you other than learn how to motivate your employees. I am the same way with my employees, they do things that annoy me all the time and always seem like they are milking the clock, I don't know how to deal with it and my wife keeps telling me I have to learn how to talk to them firmly and motivate them without having them fear you.
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