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Dealing with weather...


LawnSite Member
Hey guys I'm planning on getting about 10 yards this summer to make some extra cash. My first question is once I start getting clients is there a better day than another to tell them I'll be there to do their lawn. I've had people give me many opinions on this. My second question is how do you all deal with rain? Say if I'm committed to doing a certain 4 or 5 yards on a Thursday and it rains for two or three days and I can't get to it till Saturday...Should I change the commit day to Saturday or continue cutting on Thursday as I did previously.

Thanks for the help...


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As far as rain, I keep the day for mowing the same. If it is on thursday but it rains thursday and friday then I will mow on Saturday morning. I have my schedule set up Monday thru Thursday to reserve Friday as a make up day incase I get behind because of weather.

Good luck this season