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  1. JB1

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    going down to panama city beach.
  2. Ric

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    It took a couple of days of rain but our retention ponds are finally very full. Our soil was so dry that it took several days of rain to re-hydra it. The drainage swale in front of my house is still dry. But we needed this rain because wells were becoming salty and even going dry.

    Well water of 700 PPM salts will Kill Hybrid Bermuda. It takes 1600 PPM to kill St A. I have a new customer who just had 34 pallets of 419 Bermuda installed. His well is 650 PPM and this rain saved the New sod for NOW. We are hoping the fresh water infusion to his well will bring down the salt contend. This past spring was abnormally hot and Dry and could have caused his well to increase in salt contend.

  3. jvanvliet

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    Heck, Panama City is North to us ;)

    It's beautiful on the Gulf there, enjoy!
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    I'm going to consider Mon-Wed- free days.. I'm not letting my guys put a mower on a yard after all this rain.
  5. Debby does Florida. She blows and blows all night long.

    I was hoping for Debby to hit Texas so I could say Debby does Dallas.. again.
  6. I think I will put a snorkel on my Dixie Chopper so that I can mow in the culverts under water. :dancing:
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    We aren't cutting, but it was non stop debris hauling and downed tree cutting. I have at least 2 more days if the phone and wind stops (not likely on either).
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    I was out driving around early this morning and seen some guys cutting. Lawns looked horrible. I will check my clients properties and just do a debris clean up. Some clients I called or emailed and told them my plan and they were happy with it. More on and off rain for my area today.
  9. Patriot Services

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    We worked most of the night on emergency calls. People needed driveways cleared. Some flimsy aluminum sheds got blown around. Pretty profitable night.
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  10. I'm behind on my Punta Gorda and some Port Charlotte area. I told them late Wednesday or Thursday at best. I'm fine on my North Port area I just mowed them last Thursday. Want to trade me 8 lawns in North Port for 8 lawns in Port Charlotte? :)

    I had a PTO blow on the Dixie Chopper the other day and then I starting falling behind. I had to run to Bradenton to get it.

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