Debris Loader on my dump trailer???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DJL, Mar 8, 2004.

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    Well, here's our dilemma. We've been getting more and more jobs that require leaf and debris removal from the jobsite. Currently, we load the debris into landscape barrels and dump it into a 14'x7'x2'9" dump trailer. Approximately, 10 cubic yard capacity.

    So we are looking into a debris loader to attach to the dump trailer. As always, there are problems. First is that there isn't a top to the dump trailer. We have a roller but that just isn't going to work. Is there anything out there that can be used to handle the impact from the loaders debris as well as strong enough to sustain highway speeds (say 70 mph to be on the safe side). One other thing, this would need to be removable by a two-man crew. We would need to remove the top so mulch (or whatever else) can be loaded by a front end loader.

    Second issue, where do we mount the darn thing? I don't think we can mount it on the tongue because the hydraulic motor/pump housing is located there. If I where to put it in front of this box it would get crushed between the tailgate and trailer. Okay, this leaves (no pun intended) us with the rear of the trailer. It's a split barn door style gate that is only about 1.5' high. The other thing is this would then need to be removed every time in order for the trailer to be dumped. There are only two of us so weight could be an issue.

    Any help, thoughts, comments, and/or examples of what you do would be greatly appreciated. :waving:

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    12X7 trailer I had setup with a BillyGoat. Doing the same with my 14' dump this year.

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    i think the design that blades of steel has is going to be your best bet. i like the mesh idea in thw back as it doubles as a vent. the sides are fairly cheap and a mesh tarp over the top is no problem. you could keep the barn door idea on theb back of the trailer.

    i am not sure if it is impossible to mount the debris loader over the tounge since its a dump. if its not-then youve got it, all you have to do when you dump is twist the shoot, open the doors and your good to go.

    if you cant mount it ovet the tounge, than your only other deal would to be putting it on the rear, maybe doing a redesign on the rear doors.

    hope this helps.
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    Here's one I built this year..


    I did something similiar with my dump trailer. On mine I have the side where the hose mounts facing front, as I thought with the exhaust that close to the trailer it could be a fire hazard. Have you had any problems with the exhaust being directed toward the trailer and that close?
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    Thanks for all of your inputs. We've gone out and purchased the Billy Goat 16HP loader for $2300. I'll be picking it up on Wed or Thur. We know there are other brands but we have a billy goat walk behind brush cutter and love the thing. Starts up every year every time with just routine preventative maintenance.

    The gentlemen we spoke to said the billy goat can be lifted and attached to any part of the dump trailer;front, sides, rear. Said it would clamp right into place. We were thinking about getting the 13HP Honda debris loader but for $300 and 50#'s more we figured the extra three horse would be beneficial (I read a lot of the posts after I performed a search here on lawnsite).

    As for the top, the salesman has given us the name of a company here in central jersey that can build an awning (not sure what the technical term is) that is highway proof, can sustain the impact of the debris loader, and can be broken down in a short amount of time. they will need to install brackets in various places that these semi-circular tubes go into. This tubes then get a big tarp placed over them, not sure how it is all held together. The cost will be about $300. So total cost and everything will probably be around $2800.

    However, we might steal some of the ideas that you all have given us. I like the one pic of where the 10' intake house sits on the outside of the trailer. I also like the idea of the mesh/metal going around the top of the trailer. Actually, this brings up another question. If I attach the debris loader to the front part of the dump trailer (assuming it fits), could I dump the trailer with the billy goat on the front of it? I know this seems like a stupid question, just curious if any of you have tried or do this?

    Again, thanks for all of your inputs/feedback. It is much appreciated.
  7. Blades of Steel

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    I caught some leafs on fire this season. I had to cut out a space in the front to give an area for exhaust. After that it has been no problem. Trial and error.


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