Debris truck, hard sides, or mesh fabric?

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    I have a 1- ton chevy pto driven dump truck. I have constructed a treated lumber box frame around the flat bed. So my frame work is in place, what do I complete the box with? Treated plywood painted with black epoxy paint to match the desired professional appearance of my truck, or that woven heavy mill truck cover fabric, which would look equally profesional. The issue is air flow, or no air flow? Which is best for a debris loader application?....I appreciate your time.......Dan from Dan-o's Turf Management
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    if you have the extra coin do it in expanded metal half inch holes an that is the shizz nizz my brother . thats what i will be going with this coming year all debris an no air pockets a shade tarp on top an its game time . the reason why the tarp on top i need a way to get in the box without leaves coming out for all the sticks we pick up so ya know what roll the tarp back sticks in tarp down an its loading time hope that helps george

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