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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by RBatten, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. RBatten

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    I have quite a few dead beats that I want my money from. What our our legal remedies here in fl?? These are no contract residential accounts and I cant stand getting the shaft! I want my money!
  2. Ric

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    Just because you win in court doesn't mean they have to pay. Unless they owe you 4 figures each, it will cost you more than you will gain.

    Best solution is hire a debt collector and hope they collect.
  3. gregory

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    I agree with ric. most of the debt collectors you dont pay unless they collect. they take the fee right out of the collection.
  4. Patriot Services

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    Lastly, for the future. Stop letting yourself be taken. New customers pay for first month up front on day of first cut. After that maybe due on the 15th. If I get the vibe from them, money due on first cut. Cleanups need check for full amount before we begin. Installs and sod, 50% down. Honest people never have a problem with this.
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  5. BCL Services

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    I always refer those people to my wife :) Believe it or not we have not lost a dime yet. Some have taken a while to pay. But she just has a special way about asking i guess. :)
  6. Ric

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    Collection agents are hooked up all 3 major Credit Bureaus. That is a power tool to use on many people with the exception of true Dead Beats. What little experience I have had, they take 1/3 of the amount owed. Hey 2/3 is better than nothing. I never lost on Collection agent. I have written off several smaller accounts that were not worth the trouble. It is a cost of doing business.
  7. C4chris70

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    Try They charge a low flat rate. I have had great success using them.
  8. billslawn89

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    ya, i tried them and they did what they said, but my guy was a total dead beat and still had to take him to small claims court, and he didn't show up there either. i got a default judgment from the courts, then i get a letter in the mail a week later that he is filing total scammer. and it was somebody i knew too...go figure. scumbag :hammerhead:
  9. Ric

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    File a claim on his bankruptcy, You may not get all your money. But your small claims court order may get a better place in line for payments.

    I have yet to sue a customer in small claims court. But I am told the court is very favorable to small business claims with the correct paper work Etc. However as I stated in my first post, Just because win in court doesn't mean you will get paid. I did have a Doctor who purchased a distressed commercial property and refuse to pay me for a Time & Materials clean out in the 4 figure range. I went to see him in the middle of his office hours while he was seeing patients. It is amazing how falling OFF the Floor can change an attitude when it needs changed.
  10. GreenCloverlawnCare  LLC

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    Bill, since we live in the same city and service the same area I think we should hold a good ol' "Lawn Care Olympics" on his lawn...first event: lawnmower racing on his company against yours...Ya won't get your money but, man, wouldn't it feel good?

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