Dec Test Very Difficult!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Microbe, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Microbe

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    I swear that test is fixed! I passed YAY!!! I almost failed on the closed book with the lable! The lable they give you is like pathetically put together and quite difficult to understand!
    I HAVE ONE QUESTION! WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO "DON" YOUR EQUIPMENT??????? One question on the test was when mixing or before mixing your equipment the applicator must "don" his equipment by? I was so taken by this question that I went up to ask questions at the front and they told me that that was a word?!?!?!!? IS THAT A WORD? They asked the most detailed questions and some were not in the book!
    How can you tell how many milligrams it will take with a pesticide with an LD50? LITTERALLY? The amount in "milligram," when it doesn't say a god dam thing about it on the lable!?!?!?! I finished 30 mins early and had soooo much time to read over the lable... I was the first one finished and I remember the whole test! THAT WAS A HARD TEST!
  2. NattyLawn

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    I would think to "don your equipment" would mean to put it on...I don't know the context tough...
  3. Critical Care

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    To don your equipment before mixing would basically mean in other words to put on your safety crud before fooling around with the chemicals.
  4. Runner

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    California, however, has different standards of testing and even some definition variations. If you were taking that test in the San Francisco area, the book would've read....Don we know our gay apparel......
    I'm sorry, I just had to throw that one out there! :laugh:
  5. Microbe

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    but honestly.... I just couldn't believe some of the questions. Why not make a test that u could acctually learn from? They were asking questions about being on a helicopeter and controling drift. LOL. I also believe there was a question on the open book section of the test which asked about red poke weed. Red poke weed was not in, near, or anywhere close to the new books the Dec gave us. San Fran GAY? nahhhhhhh not san fran lol yea right!

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    did they follow up the don with fla la la- la la la--la la -la
  7. GreenUtah

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    I was going to say that you didn't have enough exposure to christmas carols if you have never heard the word "don" before, but I see the mulitple references to it already. As far as the milligrams go, I suppose they want you to make the metric conversions since this is a global market(chems) and only a couple of people are holding onto the ounce/ft measures now, us being one of them. But your products may come more and more in metric measures, especially specialty insecticides and fungicides, so it is good to be able to make the conversion so that you can figure AI percentages in terms that you're used to comparing. Here's a handy link

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