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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by stevedug, Apr 27, 2004.

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    local dealer has a 2003 model 60/23 Z that they use as a demo/loaner. its got 230 hours on it and they want 6,300 for it. has a suspension seat. full warranty.

    is that a decent price for a demo? are there any real differences between last years and this years model. they are bringing it out along with a 52/24 mini-z, which was what i went to look at, for me to test tomorrow. i was not planning on a 60", but for that price, i get a full size z with those bigger tires and deeper deck.

    i am buying for personal use only. 3 1/2 acres to cut. part of it turf fescue. part of it still kind of rough former pasture.
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    That unit has a MSRP of $ 8845.00, with a full warranty you are getting a great deal.

  3. stevedug

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    thanks. i bought the demo z. after driving it, i did not even have him take the mini-z off the trailer. i've got some big ruts, groundhog holes, and such, and the suspension seat combined with the big tires and front casters did great on them. with the chute cover up, big bushhog clipping clumps and 3 ft high thistle bushes were no problem to chop up and spread out. given how nice it made the rough stuff look, i can't wait to see what the turf fescue will look like once i start cutting it. the only stuff that did not look particularly great were some patches of clover. they were in the shade and kind of wet and i had the deck at 4 1/2 inches. next time, i might drop the deck down some at that spot and see if there is a difference.

    one question i have is about the mulch kit. how much smaller do the clippings get with it? seems to me that if i do a thorough double cut and get all the old clumps cut up and spread out and then get on a regular schedule, most of the clippings are pretty well cut up and dispersed by just running with the chute up. the dealer put a set of high lift bladed on it for me.

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