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Hey everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster. Been reading a lot about equipment etc over the last few weeks.

The gist is I need a new mower and I want something that leaves a good quality of cut within a reasonable budget. I was only looking at commercial grade equipment because of the size of my lawn (approximately 50k) and I do help out my neighbour sometimes (30k). I mow mine twice a week atleast to follow the 1/3rd rule strictly. Sometimes it gets to three when I am heavily fertilizing. The lawn is irrigated and fertilized throughout the year.

I have dealer support for scag, ferris, Toro, Wright, walker, JD, spartan, grasshopper and exmark (and most decent brands that are out there) with in a 20 mile radius and all seem nice but I dont have any big references or anything.

There are 2 areas of my property which have steeper hills, one which is next to a very busy road and I've seen a ztr slip down from it (granted it was a very old and reconditioned model)

The second are a few not so steep hills but they retain water quite well and I have gotten stuck in them in the spring season on the same mower.

Keeping this in mind, I thought a commercial walkbehind might be the way to go.

Looking at a 2020 new ferris FW35 with the 24hp Kawi and 61" deck for $5499+tax. They demoed it on the hill and it went well (didnt cut)

Then I saw a 2020 IS2100 52" vanguard 28hp with suspension seat for $8699+tax which seems a more comfortable deal.

Is there any particular deal that you guys would feel is better? Both will go on a 0% finance.

Curvevall: Might need to sell in 3 years or so if we move ..

Thanks for all the help in advance!
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How steep is your slope? I measured mine and it's 17 degrees by my calculations or 19 using a 2x4 on its side and an iphone. It runs about 800 feet along a busy road.

i had to crawl on it with ZTR but have zero issues with my Ferris Stander (srs z2). I have pictures somewhere on here with the hill. It's not anything crazy, but it works great for that.


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I probably wouldn't get a sit down for that unless I was going straight up and down.

Just make sure you're figuring degrees and not % slope. I've seen that get confused a few times by people. 17 degree slope is 31% slope.

If your is 25 degrees I might be inclined to go with a walk behind. I have a part on mine that does get to 20 degrees or slightly more. the stander holds just as well. pas that it would be ok for short mows, i wouldn't want to hold it for long and if I had a safe runout at the bottom i'd go for it.

If it's a 25% slope then a ZTR might come back into the equation and that's easy on a stander so make sure you're figuring the right calculation.

jeffie b

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The last thing you want to do is loop that baby and end up in the road. That steep of slope I and most guys on here can tell when you really lose one you are along for the ride and welcome to the site!


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If the run off was into a busy road, I’d be walking. I just assume it was like mine and the top was the road. If I’d ever lose it, I go into a flat field.


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Can you even get a mower?
Lots of manufacturers are backed up
Units are months out
Better buy one now before the floor models are all gone!


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That's what I am scared of to be honest. I have slipped down but it was a Sunday and traffic was much less. Thankfully I didn't roll over.

I can get it. They dont have any fw45 and they are backed up but I can get the fw35?

Price wise do these look okay?

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