Deciding on a ferris mower


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The FW35 24hp/ 61" is a lot of mower for $5499! These are durable, high quality machines and the controls are by far the smoothest/easiest of any WB I've operated (had a 52" S-P SW30 with pistols, 61" Scag SW, 48" Exmark Metro and now a 61" Bobcat. The S-P is the smoothest by far)

Another option, if they are available, is one of the new Toro WB's. They look pretty neat. One thing I would caution with this model though is that its a positive lever system like a ZTR in that you have to be constantly be pushing on a lever to make motion instead of letting go of a lever. Big difference. I think this would get tiring on a WB, but thats just me.

If there is any chance you'll need to tow something and/or have a youngster or significant other do some of the mowing might want to consider a conventional tractor like a Deere X570 or x580. 61" WB's are not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced.

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I really appreciate all the advise that I got here. I called around about 20 dealers in the area and only a few had stock of walkbehind. All of them were atleast 2k more.

I also did not want to spend 10k for a mower (I was looking at the x595 or the x7 series but the 0% over 48mo of the ferries made it a very comfortable and an affordable option.

As to the towing and other stuff, I do have a gorilla cart but I can pull stuff easily so I wasn't too worries. I understand when you have something you use it but it's all good for now.

So here it is


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Sweet! And it has the CC controls too, nice

If you ever desire a sulky, the Proslide XT fits and I highly recommend it because it is very easy on the body and stripes great. The only "con" to it is that it cannot be used going downhill.


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