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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by birdturd9726, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. birdturd9726

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    Right now i have been using a cargo van with ramps and driving my walk behind up into it. I plan on getting a few more mowers a trailer and some type of truck. Should i get a pickup, or a dump truck. I do a good amount of leaf clean-ups in the fall, and now and then i do some rubbish removal clean-ups. Do you think it is better to save the approx. $7K that would be used toward the dump truck and just get a pick up and build sides for leaves and rake them out of the bed or even get a dump insert?
  2. KS_Grasscutter

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    If you bag a lot, get a extended wheelbase 1 ton, with a 12' flatbed dump. With some pretty good sides on it, you can haul LOTS of grass/leaves/limbs/etc.
  3. meets1

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    Many options.
    1. Truck and trailer. Install a dump insert
    2. Truck and dump trailer with ramps and easy access to get into for equipment
    3. Your current set-up but with a dump trailer
    4. Dump truck 1 ton and trailer
    5. Truck, take the box off and make or buy a dump for that type fo truck your using
    6. All the above and then some!

    What I run - 5 trucks - all 3/4 ton's. Different route, different crews, different work dicate how i set each truck up but...

    Mow crew - One truck pulls a 5th wheel - 32 fter, takes 2 Z's to all big properties/commercial accounts (we bag everything) and this trailer has a side dump up front.

    Mow crew - One truck is set-up with a 22fter bumper hitch. 1 Z, 1 - 44 Wb and 2- 21 wbs. This tuck has an aluma dump installed on the truck itself. This is for the small accounts that the guys can easliy lifts bags of grass into back of truck.

    Mow crew - One truck pulling a 24fter bumper hitch with a side dump. Nice thing with this trailer - this crew is the go b/t crew. The trailer will easlily handle a pallet of block and the skid. Remove the front side to the dump, (30 seconds) and the entire length of trailer is useable.

    Rest of trucks are set up for landscape duties - heavy trailers for tractors, block, sod, etc.
  4. birdturd9726

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    you mean you have one of those trailers with a dump on the front of the trailers? i like those, but im thinking about an enclosed trailer.
  5. meets1

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    Yes, dump on the front. I don't have enclosed at this time but i am looking. I also liked a few trailers that have the enclosed up front with room for a skid or tractor on the rear. Nice set-up but that is a deticated trailer as well.

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